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When you are infamous for making nasty mistakes both in and out of the field, not everyone takes you as the accused, in fact, you find some supporters as well. Like, what happened in case of former Liverpool striker Suarez who bit Italian played in the world cup and was criticized by all over the world, but then found a backer in Barcelona president who praised his sportsmanship to accept his mistake on a public platform and also signed him later. Likewise, Liverpool’s newly joined former Manchester City’s Italian forward Mario Balotelli is finding a ground support from his teammate amid his failed performances in Anfield debut. The 25-year-old forward Daniel Sturridge is possibly the first one after club president who says that Italian top performer is finding it difficult to cope up with the atmosphere in England; perhaps he even calls him unfortunate one for not living up to the expectations on his second English spell.

Sturridge, who has not played since August for his thigh and calf problems, also bets that Balotelli would find it hard to extent his English career even in this spell – this is something that he has experienced playing with City last year. But anyways, the 16 million pound baby finally scored for his new side in Capital One Cup win against Swansea last Tuesday which could be his first motivating factor for rest of the English season. Talking about him, his personal charisma, and why he is being dragged into controversies repeatedly by the media, Sturridge said in his recent interview, “Mario is really cool and I get along with him — I enjoy working with him. He is just a regular young guy, but everyone says similar things about him like he is wild and then he ends up getting stereotyped.

“He is under the microscope and he is at that level where he is known around the world and he does get scrutinised. I think the average 24-year-old or guys who go to university who are a little younger will have done a lot crazier things than him. Everyone makes mistakes and has flaws — he is just finding his way.”

It is also noticeable that Italian striker got a broad support from Liverpool fans in the last game which is a new thing for the former City mate; otherwise, he is used to face negative media coverage and fans hooting almost in every game he recently played in. Let’s hope he would prove his critics wrong and get back into the business to take Liverpool up in the leaderboard!

When you make a switch from one side to another, even if on loan, you are supposed to preform good at least initially so everyone could notice your class and shortlist you for the next transfer window with better perks, but when an aspiring player fails, it hurts to the core not only to the team hiring him but also to the player who does not live up to the expectations. Former Chelsea forward Fernando Torres is one such player who switched on loan to AC Milan one month ago but until could not even debut his scoring chart in the Italian league. It is, however, obvious that he would have been a surplus asset with the Blues that is why they loaned him to another side, yet if he used to be associated with North Londoners; it is expected by Milan fans that he would make a significant impact in the field. Maybe, his age could be the reason but he failed to score in last four appearances for the San Siro side which is making him an unwanted player. Coach Filippo Inzaghi has already started sidelining him from the game considering his fitness to cope up with the style of play he expects from his teammates.

The decision to bring Torre was not in Inzaghi’s liking, yet he did not oppose his bosses initially and now his vibes are clearly hinting that triplet of Stephan El Shaarawy, Keisuke Honda, and Jeremy Menez is his first choice for the forward line. Even then, 30-year-old is not willing to let it go easily hence is determined to get his form and fitness back as soon as possible. Showing his confidence for an early comeback, former Liverpool and Atletico Madrid striker said, “I’ve come here to leave a mark. We want to qualify for Europe again and we’re trying to rebuild a great Milan. We’re aiming high, but we need to keep our feet on the ground.

“I’m proud of what I did in Spain and in England and I would be happy if things would go the same way in Italy.”

Moreover, he is also confident that if he gets his form back in Serie A, national selectors would call him for Euro qualifiers which is his ultimate dream for now, though, it is still suspected that he would even get a call from Milan leave the Spanish selectors apart. Anyways, what he said about his ambitions is, “The most important thing right now is Milan, and I hope that by playing here it can get me back into the national team.”

There are many ways you can be in the news but exaggerated media statements always take you onto the headlines, and if you make a comparison between rather an unknown player and a famous player, media will surely highlight you no matter if there is any meat in your claim. This seems to have become a trend these days with a new statement every day challenging a big star by any manager or coach. Arsenal’s 21-year-old forward Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is one such player who recently said that his colleague, 25-year-old Chilean Alexis Sanchez reminds him of former Liverpool striker Suarez. Everybody knows Suarez has been a hot cake in soccer fraternity off late for his biting and then mega transfer to Barcelona and now when he can play back after completing his four months ban, everyone wants to encash his popularity by relating himself with him and English youngster seems to be doing just that. However, this is also a fact that Chile international has been impressive in the season with eight goals to his name already; in fact, his form has been noticed by everyone despite the fact that Arsenal did not do good in recent weeks.

Notably, Sanchez has played for Barcelona in the past hence has already done his skills sharp playing in the Spanish league and now when he is getting more exposure playing for the North Londoners, he seems to be growing day by day but still a premature comparison should never be appreciated. Anyways, calling Alex a world class player, Chamberlain said in his recent interview, “He (Sanchez) is a world-class player — everyone saw that at the World Cup. He reminds me of Luis Suarez when he chases everything down and he makes nothing into something. He’s done that for us twice, and he’s scored goals at important times for us.”

His words were copied by another Arsenal player Mathieu Flamini, who added, “Sanchez is a breath of fresh air to play with. He gives so much for the team, and not just in an attacking sense. I didn’t realise he works so hard off the ball, not just creating space for others but also helping out defensively.”

Manager Arsenal Wenger also talked about new paring between Sanchez and Theo Walcott and said, “Theo’s runs off the ball are fantastic, and he gives you hope that we will score. I’m very happy to have him back. The pace we have in the side when he comes back will be very interesting. Walcott is quick, Chamberlain is quick. It could be frightening — but imagination does not always become reality.”

If we are asked to name one player whose entry and exit in and out from the team cause by non-footballing reasons, it would probably be Italian forward Mario Balotelli who has never been a consistent player for any team in last couple of years. He kept changing his teams from Manchester City to Inter Milan and now Liverpool where he is not proving lethal to opponents in any way. However, if we look at his last team, he, indeed been notorious, but proved his worth by scoring at regular interval, but this English spell seems to be carrying a bad luck for him even in the field. Liverpool, who showed its strength in the last season and got the qualification for the Championship league, is not able to carry the similar form either in English or European circuits this season. Unlike last year, they are nowhere among the top five of league table and in CL they are finding it hard to qualify for the next stage. Nonetheless how Reds are doing in the field, manager Brendan Rodgers is not willing to criticize Balotelli for his bad form, in fact, he indirectly praised his ‘hard work’ for the Gunners. This is unusual in English soccer coz, here, if you are not providing results, you are fired overnight and Irish manager is commending his forward for his hard work for the team!

Recalling their last Championship league game with Real Madrid, he broadly showed his satisfaction with the form of his team and Italian striker despite losing the game by 3-0 and said, “I thought it was a great response for us from the game in midweek. We were maybe a bit slow in the first half, but in the second half we were outstanding with the energy and effort we put into the game. We created chances. It was a game we should have had three points from. We had enough chances. I’m frustrated that we didn’t win, but performance-wise I’m happy with our reaction to the midweek game.”

Adding about Balotelli show in the game and why he swapped his T-shirt with Pepe, he added, “There were a couple of chances that fell for him around the six-yard box. It was a great run by Philippe Coutinho, he opened up his foot to try to guide it in — it was a big chance and we had one or two of those in the game but we just couldn’t quite put the ball in the net.

“I thought Mario worked very well and very hard. He maybe thought he wasn’t going to play today. You saw that he is working hard and at the moment he’s doing his best.”

While Manchester United is gearing up to face the Blues this Sunday, manager Louis van Gaal is facing another problem regarding whom he should place in the forward line since most of the key strikers are either injured or facing suspensions. Columbian forward Radamel Falcao, who has been impressive in the just concluded Brazil world cup, was supposed to be the biggest asset for the Dutchman, but after his knee problem, world cup star had to be sidelined for few matches. Even in the training session yesterday, he injured himself again and now doubtful to play in the weekend’s showdown. It is like rubbing salt over wounds for the manager since skipper Rooney is also not available for his three matches’ suspension. Anyways, Gaal has until not refused completely that Falcao will not play in the next game, however, what he expressed in his media statement is that he has less strength in the forward line without Columbian and other in-form players. Notably, in case, Falcao does not play in the game, Gaal only has Robin van Persie, Will Keane, and James Wilson in the front line which could be too easy for the Blues to pass through and score the winner.

Still, former Barcelona manager has not given up and confident they would successfully continue their rhythm in the English topflight with just one loss in the last four played games. Describing Falcao injury, he said in the team’s official website, “He got a kick in the morning so we have to wait and see if he’s fit enough. But it’s not a knee problem. He had a knee problem but not anymore. We have to build Falcao up, that I have also said in the first press conference when he came to our club.”

Many are blaming international break when Falcao played for his national side and apparently got his injury worsened. Last week, when United was up against West Brom, 28-year-old had to be substituted for his jet lag problem. Adding about why United is using him again and again knowing that he is not fully fit, Gaal said, “It is difficult because we are playing already, that’s difficult but we have played him because I like the way he was playing so we play with two strikers. Now I have to choose between two strikers, even three because Wilson can also play, the younger player.”