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Diving is back in the news but thankfully this time player booked for using this unfair technique is newly signed Chelsea striker Diego Costa who made an impressive English debut against promoted Burnley. Though, Blues won the game easily by 3-1 but Spain international’s collision with goalie became the high point of the match. Now, manager Jose Mourinho has come forward to defend his 32 million pounds former Atletico Madrid forward and says referee’s judgment over him was unfair. This is perhaps the initial period of English premier league and if Portuguese is defending his players for doing anything on the field now imagine the days to come by in this English season. Anyways, former Everton manager not only supported his new signee but also praised role he played in the last match where he had been a confident runner throughout ninety minutes. Notably, Costa made a shift from Spanish side to league giant and manager felt he should have been awarded a spot penalty when he tumbled over goalkeeper Tom Heaton.

Talking about the game and players performance, 51-year-old said in a post-match press brief, “We all explain to him what we want in the Premier League, what we want in Chelsea, what people want in the Premier League, what they don’t like.

“The kid presents himself here today with a fantastic attitude, a competitive attitude but clean and polite. He has a clear penalty and it is no penalty and a yellow card. The kid was obviously frustrated. I hope he doesn’t get more unfair decisions. I thought Oliver had a good game but the linesman [Stuart Burt] didn’t support him well in that situation.”

Specifically adding about Cesc Fabregas, Mourinho is confident former Arsenal captain can help them winning English top flight this time if he is given leading role in the field spread. He added, “I know him so well that I know exactly what he brings to my team. In Barcelona he was playing all over: No. 9, fake No. 9, No. 10, winger, in so many positions. I know and he knows better than me what is his position and he is giving exactly what we need which is that stability, that quick thinking in midfield.

“He makes the right decisions and he brings other people in the right direction. Matic was different playing different from last year because he can play now in a different way so I am really happy with Fabregas.”

Whenever a team hires more players for the specific field positions, former occupants normally become insecure regarding their future with the side and it has long been in practice that these former players are often moved off the side either by selling or by sending them on loan. Real Madrid, one of the biggest soccer brands, is as well one of the most aspiring club for young players and if a player has performed well in an event like world cup, this Spanish giant do not waste a single moment in signing him. This is something The Vikings did again this summer when they brought James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos to bolster their midfield despite having players like Angel Di Maria over there. Now, some stories off late suggest Maria could find no space in the final eleven henceforth hence has been in link with several clubs for a possible move especially from league side Manchester United. Even some sources revealed that United’s Gaal is willing to shell out anywhere around 100 million for the high profile 26-year-old and if it, anyway, happens, it would be the biggest signing post world cup after infamous Suarez who moved to Barcelona for seventy five million pounds after being slapped a four months ban for biting Italian player during a world cup match.

Real coach Carlo Ancelotti is himself not clear about the future of Argentine footballer with them as he has until not communicated his final decision to top management of Championship League holders, however, he confirmed that attacking midfielder would be available for the Spanish Supercopa first leg showdown with Atletico Madrid.

Ancelotti again seemed to be hiding away from media questions about the former Benfica forward as he did not answer and only said, “I don’t want to enter into this theme so I don’t lose focus on tomorrow’s game. Di Maria is available like all the others. He may or may not start the game and has opportunities, but like everyone else.

“What I won’t do is put out the same team in both legs. One team will play tomorrow and on Friday I will change it a little.

“I don’t know what Di Maria has decided. But I know that he’s training and that he could help us in tomorrow’s match. Until Aug. 31 it will continue the same way and after that everything will be cleared up and things will return to normal.”

David Moyes, the infamous former Manchester United boss, finally talked about his dreadful journey in England. He spoke about his experience residing into the shoe of Sir Alex Ferguson for ten months and described how he had to fight for everything out there. Notably, his spell being as the boss of then league defender ended in less than one year when bosses sacked him for not even touching the top four positions of the leaderboard that year. It is indeed the first time he has ever chatted about his nightmare leading one of the most successful English sides and said had he been given more time he would surely prove why he was the most suitable for the job once reigned by Alex for more than two decades. Though, he acknowledged the way he was asked to leave the job was way too weird for a person of his caliber especially for his family who had to pass through lots of social trauma thereafter.

Explaining his decision to accept the most pressing job in England he said in the interview, “It was a step into the unknown and, looking back now, it was near enough the impossible job. It was the right job for me. I’d been at Everton for more than 11 years. We’d qualified for the Champions League, got to an FA Cup final, I’d been voted manager of the season three times. I was among the most experienced managers in the Premier League. United had always had British managers.

“I was devastated to lose the job because it was something I felt I could make a real success of. We knew it was going to take time to make the necessary changes. It was going to take time to evolve, but we were in the process of making other important changes. In the end, I don’t feel I was given time to succeed or fail.”

He seems to be fully charged for his next job now and wants to rule the field again, although not in England. It is still a pity that no other club has until offered him a job after his infamous dismissal from English job, though, he has reportedly been in talks with several non-English sides but could yet not crack a deal. Adding about his joblessness, former Scottish manager said, “This is the first time I’ve missed a preseason since I was 16. I’m 51 now so that’s a long time. I’ve missed it because pre-season is quite an enjoyable time. As a manager it’s a bit more relaxed. I’ve also enjoyed having a bit more spare time than normal.”

The difference between good and star players is thin and narrow; while good players, most of the time, search for the better opportunities, star players are those who convert every available opportunity into the biggest one and former Liverpool forward Luis Suarez is the perfect example of this. When the whole world is censuring FIFA for its harsh verdict against the Uruguayan international, Player of the Year is taking it as a blessing in disguise. Yes, the first reaction ever since Barca star landed in the Switzerland for the hearing of his second appeal in front of final appellant authority: CAS has now come after getting some relaxation from the international arbitrator. He says, “(I’m) happy to be with his teammates and feel like a footballer again.” This is now a world known fact that Suarez bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during a world cup game and later FIFA disciplinary committee found him guilty of breaching the mortal code of conduct on third occasion in two years hence took the prompt action and sanctioned him a four months ban from any football related activity.

Real drama started from here. All the peoples who were until condemning act of his teeth suddenly started showing their sympathy, especially looking at the upcoming world cup games which proved to be costly for his national side as Uruguayans were ousted in the very next match they played without 27-year-old. Within one week, he surprisingly got an offer from Barcelona and switched from England to Spain at a hefty amount – perhaps at a record breaking figure for him. After months of hard work by his team of lawyers he could now not get some relief when CAS allowed him to travel with his side along with attaining the training session.

What he said after hearing the CAS judgment, which is now full and final for the Player of the year, is, “Now I have to wait to get back playing, and to have contact with the fans and experience what it’s like to play in the Camp Nou.

“I’m very thankful to the club for all they’ve done for me in the last few days and weeks. They’ve treated me well and I’m grateful because I’m achieving a dream to play with Barca.”

If I’m doing calculations right, his first match to officially play for his new Barcelona team would be on Oct 26 that too against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu which has already created much hype in social media. Let’s see how he begins his career in La Liga or we would see his fourth ravening act on the field!

Uruguayan international Suarez is in the news right from the moment he bit Italian player in the world cup game and now ever after CAS’s dismissal to his second appeal, he remains in the top list of media hungry peoples, in fact each of his fans wants to know about every moment of his professional life. The once Liverpool star is now being missed at the Anfield. Yes, this is revealed by Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers when he put his ego aside and praised his star headliner. Admiring their most controversial forward he says he is capable to come back with a bang after four months. Notably, Barcelona signed Uruguayan forward at an impressive 75 million pounds figure last month after FIFA issued a nine international games ban along with debarring him from any football related activity for four long months, though, CAS has now relaxed his sanction by only including the official matches. Actually, Rodgers spent some two years with serial biter and in these years his relations with him have been kind of flip flop with so many controversial statements made by the forward criticizing his boss for not extending his contract, and later, days come when Player of the Year became the eye candy of the whole team but his feeding act made him more problematic than anyone else hence Reds decided to encash hefty amount by selling him to Spanish giant.

Talking about recent infamous act and then court proceedings by his former teammate, Northern Irish football manager said, “Now the appeal process is complete, he knows where he’s at. He can now train with the team, which is important for him.

“I’m sure they’ll put games aside for him to allow him to build up his fitness. He’ll hope it comes around quickly. I saw the first competitive game he’ll be available for is against Real Madrid. I’m sure he’ll look forward to that.

“He’ll just continue to work. He’s a great professional. He’ll have his focus on getting fit and back playing again.”

This is really strange that a manager is missing so badly to his once disliked player; this is apparently nothing but the nature of cotemporary soccer where everyone at some point of time has to live without his star players and this is what seems to be happening with Liverpool. The 41-year-old added, “Of course, every big team will lose a top player at some point. But for us, there’s nobody bigger than the club.

“If the fear factor is taken out of us, then that will be seen over the course of the season. For us, there’s no change. We saw it against Dortmund that we’ve got goals in the team, and that the intensity is the same.”