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There have ever been good and bad relations in soccer including the ones where a player fails to go to his dream zone just for the refusal on the last moment by the side who had until been aspiring him. This is something that happened with former Benfica midfielder Lazar Marković who had once been aspiring for league side Chelsea. Everything was good until Blues were as well interested in him, but then something changed in the mind of manager Jose Mourinho and he turned down the opportunity to bring his aiming player at much smaller price tag. After facing the ignorance from aspiring side, 20-year-old Serbian international decided to move to another league side Liverpool. Now when both these sides will up against each other in first leg of the Capital One Cup semifinal on Tuesday night, Markovic will counter his favorite players on the field probably for the first time. Reds fans expect him to show best of his class and answer Portuguese manager what he missed last summer. Had Mourinho wanted to sign him, he could have done this at around 12.5 million pounds leaving Benfica’s 50 percent share out of the Serbia international, but after his refusal to initiate a transfer, Portuguese club sold him at much higher price to Liverpool.

Denying of having any revenge type of feeling, promising youngster said, “I will play this match like every other match and I don’t have to prove or show anything to Mourinho. That was Mourinho’s opinion. I don’t know who expected me to sign for Chelsea. I signed for Liverpool and I am extremely happy with my decision. Djuric is the ex-president so what he expected is different to what I expected.

“There was never any pressure from to sign for Chelsea. Of course, there is more motivation to face Chelsea because of them. I am not sure I will be playing from the start but there is motivation to face them. I spoke to Matic before I signed for Liverpool. He told me that this is the best league and it will take time to adjust, because it took him time too, but I will get used to it.

“He said it was an extremely good decision. We will probably text each other before the game. Nothing special — we will just joke about who is going to win and who is going to play better.”

There are few players who enjoy the great respect even among their rivals and that why their opponents often opt for them when they have retired or are playing for their official sides. Former Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard is one such player who used to be an icon in English soccer not only for his skills but for his leadership qualities that is why he could serve The Reds for so long. It is actually bad luck for Liverpool that they could not hold over him and he had to move out of English soccer after playing for seventeen long years for them. Those who know him remember how he took all the responsibilities for England’s world cup debacle and retired from international soccer after The Three Lions failed to qualify for the second stage. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, who has ever been one of the biggest admirers of the 34-year-old midfielder, recalls his sincere attempt to bring him at Stamford Bridge and how he failed to convince him nine years ago.

Apart from Blues, there were other sides from England, Spain, and Germany who wanted to sign him ignoring his form and reported clash with the Liverpool bosses at that time, but for some reason, Gerrard decided to stay with the Anfield side. Anyways, he has ever been close to Portuguese heart who called him a historic player when recalling his failed attempt to sign him back in 2005. What former Everton manager said, is, “He is a historical player for Liverpool, a historical player for the Premier League and an opponent I have always admired and respected. We did everything to try and it was almost there. I was dreaming of Makelele, Gerrard and Lampard in midfield. We were playing in a proper triangle without a number 10 and playing Maka in front of the defenders. Me, Mr. Abramovich and Peter Kenyon at that time, we dreamed of that.

“His people were open to him joining a top side like Chelsea. But to me personally he never said he would come. Never. He was always a red and I think the decision was right.”

Calling his decision the biggest disappointment for him, Mourinho added, “Yes, but I have another one when I was trying Lampard to Inter. I was almost there and it didn’t happen too. I had a couple of disappointments and that’s normal in football.”

Louis Van Gaal is known for his all-round support to each member of his team and that is why whenever any of his players makes any mistake during a game, he stands by him no matter what the rest of the world is saying about him and Radamel Falcao is already close to him. Last Manchester United game with Queen’s Park Rangers was the one where everyone saw unexpected mistakes being done by the United’s forwards that missed them at least four goals but since Reds Devils won the game eventually, no one raised the eyebrow. Had United lost the game everybody would have lambasted the manager and Falcao for his persisting fumbles at Etihad Stadium. Notably, 28-year-old Columbian forward missed four chances to score a goal despite having a round support of other players. Thankfully, Marouane Fellaini and James Wilson did not copy him and netted one goal each to earn full three points out of the game. Categorically talking about Falcao and his visible mistakes, Dutchman said, “It’s not important what I think about Falcao, because he wants to score goals. I have to judge how he has played, and scoring goals is an important aspect of a striker, but for me it’s also important that he can be a point of the attack, and I think he did well.”

Clarifying why he had to abandon his known 3-4-1-2 field spread, former Barcelona manager added, “The main thing is we played in the first half like QPR wanted us to. We did the same thing as them, through the air and long balls. QPR are better than us at that. You have to play on the ground, and in the second-half we changed the shape. That helped us also. In the first half we created only one chance, which I think Falcao had to score, and then he had three chances in the second half.”

United fans obviously expect Gaal’s army to enjoy ball possession with confidence unlike what they did in the last game when QPR enjoyed the field dominance in the first half. He added, “In football, it’s not always the better team that wins. I think when you win then everybody is happy and everyone is more comfortable. We lost to Southampton and we were the better team and we created better chances. When you are not stretching with your strikers, the opponent makes the space compact. That is why Di Maria and Wilson have been playing in attack.”

So, Liverpool skipper will join MLS side LA Galaxy from the beginning of next season. It was confirmed after a long discussion between Liverpool captain and Galaxy coach Bruce Arena yesterday. Though, major details of the deal are not yet out but it is assured that spell would be for eighteen months with a clause to extend it further if Englishman and his new side desire mutually. It has been more than fifteen days Steven Gerrard is in the news for his possible switch outside England and when Liverpool manager openly said he is agreed for this shift, it was clear that there is something wrong between the two otherwise, it is uncommon to see a player, who has played throughout his career for a single side, leaves it especially at this age. Anyways, Reds fans are not happy to know their team will have to play under rather an inexperienced captain yet they are nowhere demoralized for the possible comeback in the English topflight.

Reportedly, Gerrard did not visit the US for completing the formalities and did all the paper work from UK itself which slightly hints how desperate he would have been to remain at Anfield. Talking the switch as the fresh challenge, 34-year-old said about his US deal, “The time’s right for myself and my family for the change, the fresh challenge. I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve given an awful lot back to this club. But I now feel it’s the time for a fresh break and to try something different.

“I want to finish my career very strong. I want to add some more medals and trophies to my collection. So I think it’s a match made in heaven, really. One of the reasons why I chose the LA Galaxy was because of the success they’ve had recently. But also the plans for more success in the future.”

If we look at financial aspects of the contract, he would be getting around half of what he is being paid by the Reds here in England but he is not worried about slighter salary on US spoil as he knows the hard reality of contemporary soccer where only form and age matter. Talking about the Jordan Henderson who is going to succeed him at Anfield, he added, “I certainly believe Jordan has everything you need to be a great captain.

“He’s a fantastic professional who tries to lead by example in every training session and in every game. He has really grown as a player and is improving all the time with experience. He can become a great captain for this club. He’s a fantastic player for me to hand the armband over to. I’ve got great respect for Jordan Henderson and I know everyone else at the club feels the same.”

By the middle of January, it seems battle of English premier league title has shrunken between the top two, i.e., Chelsea and Manchester City that is why almost every sports media is heading at least one news about their likelihood to win this English topflight. We read a new statement by any mentor of either side claiming they are going to win this English season; however, no one is talking about Manchester United and Southampton who could as well be dangerous for both of the toppers. Mourinho enjoys the top position with two points lead to City rival and if they triumph their next game with Swansea City on Saturday they can ensure they will not be ousted from the highest position at least in January. However, on the other side, City as well look targeted for regaining their last year place when they substituted Blues around the same time. Yet, former Everton manager denies off having any pressure of the upcoming league games, maybe he is playing some kind of mind game he is known for!

Anyways, finding himself in the same situation he had been in the last season, second term serving Blues boss also talked about their plans for the winter transfer market and if they will target new players this month. He said, “Last year, you asked me and I didn’t lie to you, but at the end Mata was sold, and because he was sold we had to react to that. I am happy with the squad, it is not big, but we have a good group, not just a group to play but to live together.

“I will happy if nobody leaves or comes this month but the market is open and you never know. I do not want to lie to you.”

While adding about City transfer plans this winter, he added, “Well done, good player, good striker, if they have the money and can spend it and have no problems with, well done. They can only play with 11, unless the rules for them are different and they can play with 12.

“It looks like the rules are different for them in certain aspects, but not this one. If Bony plays and Dzeko is on the bench, I am happy with that. Fantastic squad, one more top player for that squad. Aguero, Jovetic, Bony and Dzeko are fantastic. Well done.”