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There has ever been a debate discussing how few mangers could so successful leading a single side for entire career and when we talk about most successful mangers of the game, former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson comes on top, and why not, after all he served United for more than two decades with unprecedented track record. But unfortunately, ever since he left his baby, Red Devils are struggling to recollect their lost charm. First David Moyes and now Van Gaal could not achieve a fraction of what Alex attained in his longest career and this is what worries United fans and well-wishers hence they keep discussing how they can bring the old memories back. Former United great, 37-year-old English Rio Ferdinand, is one such player who cares of his team more hence believes Alex could only be so successful coz he brought ‘animals’ to Old Trafford who were hungry for victories and that is the sole reason his team performed aggressively in the field with an all-around domination.

According to him, this policy later followed by many teams but none of them could reach where Alex did, therefore they should look for an aggressive manager who has the guts to use every player based on his skills rather what history or his record says. Talking about Ferguson and how he won two Champions Leagues and 13 league titles for his club, Rio Ferdinand, who was dropped from the side this league season, said in an interview, “Ferguson got rid of players who didn’t buy into the Man United way, for one, or weren’t capable of being intense every day,” Ferdinand said from the BT green room, where he was analysing the Champions League.

“That’s why you don’t remain at a place like Man United. If you’re not an animal who can go in there and be intense every day and demand from yourself and others to improve, you won’t stay long… and good riddance. It (attitude) comes from the manager, I think, and the players identify that and then go and start playing that out on a regular basis, but I think obviously you need the manager to set the tone, and then the experience being able to deal with it.

“I came in to a squad experienced at winning. For example, when I came in, I never knew how to win. I was looking around like a sponge and I had Roy Keane, Giggsy, Scholesie in that dressing room.”

Manchester United manager Van Gaal has at least motivated other managers to use their key players on the positions they could be better explored rather on their best fitted spots and this has undoubtedly been his biggest achievement in England career where he empowered club managers to ask star players to play on different positions than where they have until been. Chelsea is the next such side who believe few of its players can better be capitalized if played on unorthodox positions and 24-year-old Belgian forward Eden Hazard is one such player who impressed everyone during Blues Saturday’s win at Norwich. He proved why he used to be called the world’s number one last year and manager Jose Mourinho is now more confident to use him on the left wing. Knowingly, both manager and player have had a discussion over possible position of the Belgian and only after keeping him in confidence, Mourinho reveals he would like to use him on the left wing.

According to latest reports coming out of Chelsea dressing room, Hazard would be seen playing on the flank in upcoming Tuesday’s Champions League game at Maccabi Tel Aviv. This could be Portuguese best bet to revive their hope to last among the top four on the leaderboard and if he fails to achieve anything with this change, he would surely be on the radar for more criticism for his autocratic style of mentoring. Anyways, what second term serving boss said talking about the proposed change is, “I think his best position is the position where last season he was the player of the season. There he can attack defenders more in an individual way. When he gets the ball it’s more about him attacking the right-back and the right-back is always in trouble against a player who has his best quality in a one-against-one.

“When he plays at No. 10 he gets into areas where sometimes he is surrounded by teams with two or three players in the same zone. Many times he receives the ball with his back to the opponents and I know he can turn well but I also know that players can be very aggressive with him and press him from behind and make lots of fouls like he always had.

“He can do both things. Let’s see match after match what we think is the best for him it depends on what we want for the game.”

There has ever been a debate over the right age for any player to say goodbye to the game; while many say a thirty plus often considers as the best time to leave the game before someone else calls him off, there are many who say always leave from the top and if we look at the players around thirty-year in contemporary soccer, Real Madrid Ronaldo is the only one having a world following followed by Messi. Since, Argentine still has some two years to reach the barrier, Ronaldo, who has touched the psychological boundary, is believed to leave the game anytime soon, this is what experts think. If we look at the fans following Portuguese is enjoying, no one can agree he should leave the game, in fact, there have been many occasions when Real President himself said Ronaldo should continue playing for the Madrid side until he reaches forty so how can experts assume he would be leaving the game soon especially when he in brilliant form?

Actually, rumors have been in the air suggesting 30-year-old should join his former Manchester United back and his love for Red Devils is revealed by himself last week sidling MLS or Middle East move hence there are many who assume he would be planning his future considering all his aspirants and where can he settle during last stage of his professional career. Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta is the one who believes in the reports suggesting Ronaldo exit from Santiago Bernabéu before he retires from the game, he said, “I am not surprised by all that is happening. I think that Cristiano is at his peak and so these questions should come up.

“The market is at a very good moment because of all the money that has come into the Premier League and that could attract even more sponsors. He has been in Madrid for a lot of years and maybe he could find a new path. Players seek out the best contracts. The market is in a position to address all these topics and Cristiano is at the right age.”

Adding about Saturday’s Clasico, he said, “I like how Barca play. We’re still playing two-touch. Constant changes of manager means the team needs time to resettle. We’re coming into this game with the better team and with our strikers on fire. Madrid have great players who could play for Barca but each one is doing well where he is. James is a top quality player. And Madrid has not yet seen the best James.”


The whole world is showing solidarity in support of France who is just targeted with several simultaneous terrorist attacks claiming at least 129 lives and more than 200 injured. Yesterday’s England vs France friendly was one such game that saw how soccer unites everyone when it comes to oppose anything unfit to the humanity. Although, the game was doubtful for obvious reasons but eventually it concluded in flying colors and watched by more than sixty thousands fans enjoying each moment of it along with remembering those who lost their lives in suicidal attacks. The Wembley becomes the venue where everyone was eager to be a part of United Europe residing either inside the stadium or from outside of the venue. Either way, whole world witnessed how a terrorist hit nation can recover from the deadliest hit by extremists. Anyways, the Three Lions Captain Wayne Rooney also praised the support friendly got from every corner and France who, though lost the game by 2-0, used the best way to answer those responsible for the severe attacks.

The whole stadium arch was covered with French Tricolor and English fans also joined the La Marseillaise — France’s national anthem with full echo. Dele Alli and Rooney were the goal scorers of the game but match will be remembered for its theme on which it was focused. Rooney said recalling the spirit shown by the French players, “It was always going to be a difficult night for everyone, especially the French players and staff. For ourselves to be involved in this occasion was tough, the young players were excited but it was a difficult game for them. I thought both teams handled it extremely well. The fans were brilliant. This will be shown round the world and will show unity.

Football is a global game and, as Didier Deschamps said yesterday, it is not about relegation or race. We need to stand tall and stand together in these tough times.”

“First of all we wanted to sing in the stadium for all the people, for all the respect. we had a lack of aggression and concentration, but I think it’s a bit normal. It was more about solidarity and we showed character for the sport. Football is important and life is still going on and so we need to carry on. The decision (for going ahead with France European Championship next summer) doesn’t belong to us. We will see with UEFA. I think there will be a good organisation and I’m sure it will be safe.”

While everyone is talking about future of Jose Mourinho residing on Chelsea’s top post, there is someone who has already revealed his interest in the post should bosses decide to sack the Portuguese for obvious reason. The 56-year-old Italian pro Carlo Ancelotti, who has led the Blues in the past with a record carries league and FA Cup double in 2010, is ready to take on the pressing job again, however, he as well insisted his belief that former Everton boss would not be sacked. If we talk about Ancelotti’s last assignment, he used to manage the Real Madrid but after a dearth of titles in last season, he was sacked from the jab and now he wants to replace another manager who will probably be sacked for similar reasons – it is all about buying a tiger for another one. Talking about his interest in Chelsea again and if he sees a realistic chance for his appointment on the top Stamford Bridge job, former Real Madrid manager said, “I would have no problem with Chelsea. But Jose won’t be sacked. They already chose to keep him, and I think they made a good choice. He knows better than anyone what is going on at Chelsea.

“Sometimes you can’t explain why things happen … what is going wrong. It is a mystery. How did we lose in Istanbul when we were three goals up against Liverpool at half-time? You expect the opponent manager to put on a striker but he puts on a midfielder!

“I look from a distance at Chelsea and I think they won the title easily last year and I don’t think they are so motivated this year. It’s true that the manager has to be able to motivate players but the manager cannot motivate a player if the player is not self-motivated. It’s impossible. They have lost something and it’s difficult to change like a switch. You have to work slowly to change.

“But Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world, no doubt. I look at his body language and he’s OK. He is not so worried. He has confidence. During the Dynamo Kiev game the supporters were singing his name. He’ll sort it out.”

Actually, Ancelotti is jobless these days hence is after every vacant post; earlier he was counting over Liverpool manager post but after Jurgen Klopp, he is now aspiring for the North London job, so it is nothing but asking for a job under highly unsecured environment, especially for managers. You better wait and watch what happens to Mourinho future!