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There have been countless moments in soccer when a player, who was about to sit outside before the match, luckily got an opportunity to play and made history by preforming brilliantly; this is something that happened with Argentina national side in Copa America quarterfinal against Colombia. Actually, match finished its first ninety minutes without a score on the card hence match entered into penalty shootout where Carlos Tevez scored the decisive spot kick to take his side into semis. But now, it is being revealed by the national coach Gerardo Martino that they were earlier planning not to allow Tevez take the penalty as they were fearing he may miss the shot as he did in 2011 Copa America against Uruguay. But luck was with striker that day and he made history by scoring the winner for his side. Talking about the critical moments when team think-tank was discussing about who should take forward line to fire the penalty shots, Martino said, “Football is like that sometimes. I didn’t put Tevez in among the first five penalties because he had missed in the previous Copa America.

“We tried to prevent him having to go up and take one but eventually it came around to him. That’s football, and tomorrow’s headlines will all be about redemption.”

Talking about their dominance in first ninety minutes when they enjoyed the ball possession more than their opponents, 52-year-old added that they had almost missed the advantage when both of their shots were leveled by the Columbians and it was 31-year-old who did not disappoint them this time, he said, “We bossed the 90 minutes. I think we neutralised them in the way we pressed. I remember Colombia having a headed chance from a corner and that was about it.

“David Ospina was the main figure on the pitch, but there have been many games in the past like this one. Sometimes you don’t get what you should for dominating, and I cannot imagine what it would have been like if we were sat here now talking about a defeat. If there was one failure today it was that we didn’t score, but that’s part of the game. But the fact we have played like we have is a positive.”

No matter how big and successful you are in your professional career you always want to be rich in goodwill than titles, this is a dream of every player and manager but only few of them could successfully achieve this goal. Like, in case of German side Bayern Munich and its head coach Pep Guardiola, they ruled the domestic league last year and Guardiola helped his side win its twenty-fifth title which is an unprecedented feat for now. Although, Spanish’s contract with German giants has one year left yet 44-year-old is in no mood to forgo the respect that he can earn while doing his job honestly. If we scan the contemporary soccer almost everyone wants to do this but when it comes to actually scarify something for it, everyone just run after titles. In case of Spanish mentor, both hold true: he is earning respect along with titles therefore he is over cloud nine these days after his side’s brilliant show in both Bundesliga and Champions League. Talking about his career goal, Guardiola said while speaking at a charity event in Barcelona, “I do all I am doing in my life to be loved. My ambition is not to win titles. I am looking for love, nothing more. I read in an article by an American educationalist that a child won’t learn if it does not feel empathy with the teacher. I try to use that in my work.

“Often a player feels bad because he thinks the coach does not like him and not because he is not playing. I had a great player once who did not score. We went to a cafe together to talk. Not about football but about life. In the next match, this player scored two of our four goals. He felt special because he felt loved.”

If we look at what he is talking about, it could be the lifetime mantra of success for every mentor who ever came in pressure since everything depends upon how you interact with your teammates during crucial moments and win their confidence. Adding if club president Franz Beckenbauer would offer him an extension post 2016 when his contract expires, he said, “It could be a nice challenge for him to build a new squad. The team will be completely different within the next couple of years. This transition will be made on the highest level, with a lot of spending money.”

Bayern Munich seems to be checking its medical staff for their role in the unprecedented injuries players suffered in the last season. According to some reports, Allianz Arena side is in process of reconstruction of its medical staff and first step they have taken is: they released Fredi Binder who had been serving them for last 35 years. This is really shocking to see someone having expertise of that rich is asked to leave the side for any reason, but it is true and happening inside German powerhouse. In the list of outgoing medical senior, he is not the only one as long-serving club doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt has as well resigned from his post recently. Without weighing the developments too much, German club only said this is a routine rebuilding phase which should not be seen with another eye. Actually, something of this kind was expected ever since club CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge talked about their future plans to manage his players health, he said they would now take help of a network of doctors rather than being only managed by one central doctor which has until been happening in the side.

He said is his interview, “We have analysed the injuries after the season, and the result was not too positive for FC Bayern. We are in the bottom third, both domestically and internationally, when it comes to the injury rankings. That’s why we’ll invest in the medical and diagnostics department.” He as well clarified about their attempt to identify upcoming injuries before they actually happen by taking samples of blood and urine before every training season. It would also help them keep options ready in case of a sudden injury. He added, “The most significant addition is a dedicated area for health and performance diagnostics. Bayern Munich planning further investment in the Sabener Strasse facility, optimising training conditions and especially the medical services provided to the players, and ensuring the highest European standards are maintained.”

Looking at the level the game of soccer has reached today, this kind of strategy is necessary for every team to cut out the possible injuries, in fact, even in English premier league, this kind of initiative has recently been taken by Manchester United under Van Gaal regime. Anyways, fans are only concerned with a least number of causalities in every season and more straightforward but a scientific approach to control the possible health problems coming into way of their players.


Though, there are star players in every side yet a good practice is that which does not force you to be dependent over few concentrated players and this is what experts advice to every struggling side like Liverpool. They obviously made several immature mistakes last season and most of them were related to bringing and letting players go, and after all this, few players could still shine in front of the world with their power pack performances and one such player was 20-year-old Raheem Sterling who not only helped his side sustain a respectable position in the leaderboard –though they still lasted eight points adrift to top four – but also came into the radar of several high net worth sides who are now hunting him with mounting paychecks. Rumors are in the air that Jamaican born can leave Anfield this summer leaving the whole side helpless and fans do not want this to happen hence very unpleasant kinds of conversations are going on which does not suit to the side of Liverpool caliber. Even former Reds player and a well-wisher of the side Michael Owen has advised them and the fans that earth will not fall down if Raheem leaves them this summer.

According to reports, salary of the forward is main cause of concern after his refusal to accept £100,000 a week package in January. Talking about transfer rumors and if it would make any significant impact in the season, Owen said, “I think he is a very good player but, put it this way, a year ago they lost Suarez, he is irreplaceable, you cannot replace someone that good. If Liverpool lose Sterling they can replace him. Certainly with the money that they would get I think you can replace Sterling.

“I think he’s a very good player, got loads of potential, but you can replace him and you can’t replace Suarez. If I was a Liverpool fan I would obviously want an answer, but I wouldn’t be losing sleep if he did leave and you got a fair old chunk of money for him because I think he is replaceable.”

He intelligently made it clear they are not fully dependable to him while adding, “I expect him not to be a Liverpool player because if he was, and was pushing the boundaries for a better contract, you would probably think it’s gone a bit too far now. Public opinion has counted against him, so you would have thought he would be leaving. That would be my inclination.”

Wayne Rooney

Who is the best player of world, or in a specific region, has ever been an interesting topic of discussion that carries tremendous interest from every corner. If we specifically talk about this topic, England is the most aspiring region where every player wants to rule in and English media also plays an important in highlighting any player in this territory. Wayne Rooney, the English and Manchester United captain, is of course one of the finest player English side could ever has and carries a sincere support from top English experts including national team manager. Former English player and scorer of highest goals in FIFA world cup finals, Gary Lineker, is the next one to praise 29-year-old for his form and ball holding techniques. Lineker is currently as well the second highest goals scorer for England with his tally of 48 goals after Bobby Charlton who has scored 49 goals playing for the Three Lions. Rooney is a closed follower to both of them with 47 already to his name and the way he is playing these days, it is highly likely he would be the next top scorer for national English team very soon – may be during England’s Euro 2016 qualifier!

Talking about possibility to break the all-time goals scorers’ record this Sunday Lineker said, “I very much hope he breaks the record and, barring something catastrophic, I’m sure he will. There are a lot of games coming up where he will fancy his chances and I wish him well – it will be a brilliant achievement as and when it happens.

“You don’t focus on the record when you’re on the pitch because you have to focus on doing your job. If he scores a hat-trick obviously he will know, but good luck to him. Certainly in the last few years he’s been playing up front in a team that’s been very much found wanting on the big stage, so it’s not always happened for him at major tournaments. But for him to score that many goals at a good ratio makes him one of our very best players.”

Adding why Rooney fails to score in world cup games and if he can also break his world cup final record, 54-year-old said, “Everyone wishes they could turn it on at the World Cup but it doesn’t always work out like that. He was arguably player of the tournament in 2004 until he got injured, which was a pity because England could have gone on to win it if he had stayed fit.”