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Maybe Mario Balotelli has always been famous for the controversial remarks thrown by other players over him, but this is probably be the first time he himself changed the role and mocked Manchester United’s shocking defeat to newly promoted league side Leicester City. The loss was not the ordinary one perhaps one of the devastating setbacks for the new manager coz once they were leading the tally by 3-1 and eventually lost the game by 5-3 which puts a dot over Gaal’s exaggerated claims about his newly formed team. Liverpool as well lost the game to West Ham by 3-1 on Saturday; but former Milan forward enjoyed watching United loss more rather Reds show. He apparently teased the Red Devils gameplay on his Twitter account and lambasted Dutch manager’s overspending in the last summer to strengthen the side, but results are coming completely opposite to what everyone had thought to be. Balotelli tweeted last night “Man Utd…LOL” which made countless fans furious over him and racial abuses against him start triggering within seconds.

Merseyside Police has registered a compliant on the basis of media reports and investigating whether these hated comments are coming in a preplanned manner or just a way to react over Balotelli’s provocative comments over United loss. Police informed about their investigation in a statement where they said, “We can confirm officers are looking into offensive comments made on Twitter about Mario Balotelli earlier today. As far as I am aware there have been no complaints but we have been made aware of it by a number of press inquiries.”

As far Manchester United is concerned, it has played five games till now in English topflight this season, and their score on the leaderboard is just five points and if we compare it with that of former manager Moyes, he was ahead by two points and we know what happened to him thereafter, but no one has yet started criticizing former Barcelona manager for the goodwill he has earned in soccer fraternity, but if his side does not show an improvement in next couple of games, English media would be the first to start hating him. For Leicester, Esteban Cambiasso, David Nugent, Jamie Vardy, and José Ulloa were responsible for painful loss to the 2012-13 league champions, while for United, Robin van Persie, Ander Herrera, and Robin van Persie gave them initial lead.

Expectedly, Gaal now seems to be under lots of pressure to prove he made no mistake in signing army of new players and they can still help United win this English season. Let’s see how his side performs in next few matches!

No matter how big you are, you always need to rely over your star power and in-form players are exactly what every manager wants to use in each match they play. Chelsea, the promising league contender, is one such side who has recently been missing its 32 million pounds summer signee Diego Costa for a hamstring injury and despite of that Mourinho used him in the last game with Schalke though as a substitute, but for the next game at Manchester, Portuguese wants nothing less than the best of his teammates, hence agrees to take risk of using Spanish striker for full ninety minutes. Notably, Coasta has until been the most successful Blues man with seven goals to his name already if we rule out doctors’ advice to rest him for at least few weeks, former Everton manager is not willing to miss his power kicks in the next showdown. The 61-year-old proving manager knows he is making a mistake by using him for the full game, but he promises to restrict his use to one match per week henceforth so he could rest and go through physiotherapy sessions in between.

Nonetheless, manager did not report more injuries to his side, yet many believe he seems to be over relying over the new entrant otherwise we have seen how seamlessly he used every best option in the last season. Mourinho confirms he took the decision after consulting medical team and other personal staff of the team including player himself and only after getting assurance from each of them, he chose Costa for the game. Without hiding anything from the world, he honestly answered all media questions about Costa and his health, he said, “Diego is not in the best conditions, but he will start the game. He plays this game, he cannot play against Bolton. It’s as simple as that. I know clearly that we have to try to protect him until he gets completely fit.”

While talking about former Chelsea’s attacking midfielder Frank Lampard, who is now with the City on loan from New York City, he added, “I believe that nothing has been lost. His place in Chelsea’s history is untouchable. I still believe that what this club proposed to him, which is to be back when he wants and to do what he wants. These were the words from Mr. Abramovich. I think it’s not in any danger.

“We thought he was going to play for New York. He decided to play for Man City. It was just an option, and he had that right to do that.”

After lots of hard work, Wembley gets the rights to host the finals of 2020 European Championship which would be the 60th anniversary of the mega European soccer event. Though, the news was rather expected since German FA had withdrawn its bid making Wembley the only option for the UEFA to choose from. Actually, 2020 event is going to be a landmark one in many senses, like it would be the first time this is going to be placed across Europe rather just one location, and secondly, UEFA has promised that they will make it a memorable one and thanks to English FA who has already made several tempting promises to organize best till date finals of the event. There is no prize for guessing why Germans stayed out of the bidding process as everyone knows there is a mutual agreement between English and German FA whereby Germans are going to help Wembley organizes the finals in return of English help for Germans for hosting Euro 2024.

It has been eighteen years, Euro held on English soil and that year too England national side was ousted by the Germans via penalty in the semifinal hence both these sides enjoy their showdowns in and outside of the ground. According to initial reports coming from the Euro den, UEFA has decided to organize 2020 matches in 13 Euro cities which should be exciting but exhaustive for the teams who would have to travel across the miles, if required. For now, idea is being appreciated by everyone but whether it is feasible to hold a big event across multiple locations is yet to be seen.

Football Association chairman Greg Dyke said announcing their entitlement for the 2020 Euro finals, “We are delighted — it’s nice to win one! Wembley is a great stadium and we are delighted to be holding the finals of this tournament. Wembley has been completely rebuilt since 1996 and is it a wonderful stadium.”

DFB general secretary Helmut Sandrock further added, “We have always said that Wembley is the perfect place for the final games of the pan-European European Championships. We therefore congratulate our colleagues from the English FA and are looking ahead to the three games in Wembley.

“We continue to follow our goal of hosting the 2024 European Championships. I am optimistic that we can reach that goal. But it’s not be taken for granted that we will win the bid. We, in cooperation with politicians, the cities and stadiums, have to do a lot of homework until the decision in 2017.”

There are few players in contemporary soccer who have ever been in the aspiring list of many clubs and there is no prize for guessing that Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo are, of course, few of them. If we are talking about the hungriest leagues for the good talent it is obviously English Premier League whose sides love to bring brightest talents on English soil and Arsenal is one of them. Gunners manager has revealed, probably for the first time, that it was him who wanted to sign Ronaldo but somehow deal could not click and Sir Alex Ferguson snatched their cake from their hands back in 2003. It is actually nothing new to know that there were many sides who used to be in touch with Portuguese but as Wenger has revealed now, Gunners had almost done the formalities to bring him at Emirates Stadium. Don’t know why Arsenal’s longest-serving manager is disclosing the facts now or he is trying to show they are still interested in the FIFA Ballon d’Or holder. Notably, Gunners lost their debut Championship game with a surprise hence manager is tying to recoup the loss by winning their next premier league game.

This is not the end of his regret as he also named Chelsea striker Didier Drogba as the one he would have loved to mentor. Notably, Drogba signed the deal with Chelsea and proved to be the lethal one for Gunners in his opening season for the Blues and looking at the today’s form of both these players, Wenger could be expressing his regret from the core. Talking about Ronaldo who later moved to Spanish giant Real Madrid at a record breaking fee, Frenchman said, “My biggest regret? I was so close to signing Cristiano Ronaldo, and not only did I not get him, he signed for Manchester United. So that of course still hurts today.

“I would have loved to have managed Didier Drogba for two reasons. One, I missed him when he played in France at Le Mans, not even in the top league. I knew there was a good player there and I missed him. Secondly because he hurt us so much in the big games. All this pain would not have happened.”

Adding about their dismissal show in the season, he said, “We also have to recover from disappointments. Today with the social networks, we must have a huge resistance to stress and be very strong in your guidelines. You must have the guts to put your ideas into action.”

Every team has few players who are known as the gem for the side and coach/manager try to preserve them for critical games only but it unusually happens after half of the season has passed away – not in the beginning, and if we are talking about Chelsea, its in-form player Diego Costa is of course on the top. The 25-year-old Spanish forward has scored seven goals in four played games so far and if he continues to maintain his fitness, he has much better chances to break many records, but this time, manager is worried with his hamstring injury hence doesn’t want to overuse him in every game they play. Jose Mourinho has ruled out their season’s first hat trick maker from the Championship league debut game – an unlikely move for many but practical. Didier Drogba is going to replace Costa while Spaniard would be used as substitute if needed. Without revealing much detail about the state of his injury, former Everton manager only said, “Costa has a problem. If he has one week to let the muscle recover he can start a game. Playing on Saturday, three days is not enough for him to recover.

“It was not to protect for the game Sunday, it was because today he was not in condition to start the game.”

Actually, it was expected by many looking at the way Spanish national side sidelined him for his injury from the game with Macedonia hence Mourinho did nothing wrong by allowing him time to heal his injury. Actually, second term serving Chelsea manager again heated the issue why top clubs hesitate to release their star players for international duties. He rather blamed that Costa was fit when went for the match with Macedonia and retuned as injured so they had to rest him for next few games. He said, “He played here one match and he was perfect. He went to the national team and after the game against France he came back to us injured. He came to us and he was completely fine. He had a problem again in the national team, not with us.

“Now we have the problem and now we have to resolve the problem the best we can. Today he was not in condition to play. Sunday we believe he is. Next week against Bolton for sure he isn’t. We have to manage the situation until the moment he’s completely fine. If today he starts the game, for sure he cannot play on Sunday. We have to go step by step.”