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War of power continues in Asian soccer between two prominent personalities in this part of the world. Yes, we are taking about Asia’s FIFA vice-president Prince Ali Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein and Asian Football Confederation chief Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa where Salman is trying to enhance his powers by merging the executive powers of AFC president to that of FIFA’s vice president, and if he could succeed in doing so, Hussein’ position would have no meaning practically. But, for something good, AFC President Salman can’t simply do it as he would have to take the support of at least three quarter AFC members while according to his last attempt; he could successfully convince eight members to back his merging idea. Actually, the matter revealed by a news agency last month that how AFC president is trying to shell off FIFA’s representative from Asian soccer and when he could not succeed in getting his innovative idea approved by the FIFA, he started gaining ground support. More importantly, Hussein has now written an open letter to all AFC members asking them not to support Salman idea as it would denounce FIFA role in policing matters in Asian fraternity which would be harmful for this region in a long run.

He prominently uses aggressive language without being abusive and showed his surprise as why a concept that had been sidelined by both FIFA and AFC is now getting back into the headlines. Salman, who is known for his mind games, has spent considerable time in last week’s AFC meetings in Kuala Lumpur just to convince as many members as he can. Hussein blatantly wrote in the latter, “I believe there is wisdom in maintaining the two positions separate. It allows the FIFA vice-president to focus on Asian football issues in FIFA while the AFC president focuses on addressing football challenges in Asia and strengthening football development which is a very big task.

“My work will continue regardless of the outcome of this proposal. I only urge member associations and football officials to think about our priorities in Asia and decide accordingly. Let us choose football over politics.”

He clearly tried to persuade each and every member emotionally and how it could be dangerous if politics occupy the federation. He asked everyone to stand against any such proposal in next executive meet in Brazil and added, “This proposal will be discussed and decided on at the AFC Congress in Brazil. While I respect these member associations, I stand strongly opposed to their position for the following reasons, which I have shared with my dear colleagues on both the FIFA and AFC Executive Committees respectively.”

English sides are always known to be the biggest payers across the world and that is why every soccer player desires to associate with the top English sides to make his fortune In fact, we have seen in the past how some of the biggest names in soccer openly lured to join a league side, and this central European marketplace is so big that millions of dollars change hands during every transfer window. The surprising facts revealed in just conducted survey by a consulting firm Sporting Intelligence in association with the ESPN and they come with the conclusion that soccer scores higher than any other sports on English soil in terms of money making opportunities. Generally, it is believed that Baseball is the highest paying sport, but this survey set aside these long standing concept and reported that on average first-team player of The Capital One Cup winner earns around $8.1 per year putting them ahead of New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers – the popular baseball sides. However, if we compare the gross payrolls of some of the biggest names in sports fraternity, Manchester City is the most rewarding side with an average payroll of 202 million dollars. This figure looks incredible especially looking at the slump in central Europe off late.

The surge in wages is unexpectedly 256 percent which is more than overall industrial growth in European market that makes City as one of the most aspiring sides for soccer geeks. The survey could serve both a positive and negative vibes for the league defenders as FFP violation are getting serious day by day and many experts are asking UEFA to take stiff action against all the sides who spend over the top just to attract top players irrespective of the fact if their balance sheets allow them to do so or not.

Apart from City, Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona are the next to pay exaggerated money to their players. However, surprisingly, the imaginary surge is being happened only for the gross wages as there is still just a marginal increase to the base wages, which means, last income that lands into players hand is still not a high as overall survey results show. The other expected names in the list are Bayern Munich, which stood at number seventh, and then Manchester United who is at number eight despite signing Robin van Persie in the last season.

There are countless soccer domestic leagues being played all around the world and some of them rank higher than others, especially if it belongs to Europe. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Championship league and how some of the best teams fight to get a qualification in this UEFA mentored annual event. When we talk about CL, English Premier League comes to our mind, and why not, after all every team tries over here to end at least among the top four to secure a place in the European event, and this year too, this fight continues. Current league table qualifies Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool for the next year’s UEFA event, but one team who is continuously competing for the fourth spot is Everton who has long been predicting to end their campaign residing among the top four. In fact, club chairman Bill Kenwright brought Roberto Martinez with similar expectations that this Spaniard would take them to the Europe. But now, it looks like a daunting task since there are not too many matches are left and other teams are also in commendable form. The highly optimistic chairman even revealed that Martinez had promised him during interview that he would take us into the Champions League.

Initially, everyone felt, it was not more than an exaggerated statement from a newly appointed manager but later when Everton performance was much improved than their last spell, fans started looking them playing in the European tourney, and now they are again out of the top four, but significantly, they lost just one of their last seventeen league games making them one of the strongest contenders this season. Martinez talked about his initial promises and said, “At the press conference, it was a little bit too early to say we would be challenging because I hadn’t even told my players about the vision.

“So it was a little bit: ‘I don’t know how the players are going to react to this!’ It would have helped if he’d allowed me to say it to the players first! I expected to be the one to slowly unfold the plans, not just give it on the first day. My worry was how the group would react.”

If we look at Everton spell this year, they were once a confirmed CL participant, especially when they edged over Manchester United for the first time since 1992 in early December. Martinez further added, “You always have to be driven by a vision at Everton. There are no excuses in football and you have to have that drive. The chairman has reminded me about it as the season has gone on because at the beginning he didn’t believe it was possible.

“So I think it was three or four months into the season and he was starting to believe. “It was the week we beat Manchester United and played so well at the Emirates. Then he said: ‘Maybe I can see what you were saying.”

Arsenal have had until been a consistent performer in the English Premier League but when they were thrown out of top four positions in the much hyped English top-flight, they showed their strength again but this time in the FA Cup where they defeated defending champions Wigan and entered into the final for the first time since 2005. It was not an ordinary win coz match stretched to the penalty shootout where goalie Lukasz Fabianski became the hero with two brilliant saves to win the match in the penalty shootout. In fact, whole match in the control of Arsène Wenger side and they gained the initial lead in the first half as well, but they could not sustain the lead to the second half and Wigan equalized the score. The highlight of the game the last few moments when Fabianski saved the two fine shots from Gary Caldwell and Jack Collison and rest of the job was done by the Santi Cazorla taking their lead to 4-2. In premier league, Arsenal is out of the top four which means they would not qualify for the Championship league next season, but they recouped their lost pride a little bit with this outstanding feat. The whole stadium was packed with around 50000 odds spectators and they were repeatedly chanting Arsenal support and got the reward finally.

The match winner, Poland goalkeeper Fabianski, thanked fans for their support and dedicated this superb triumph to all the well-wishers who did not led them down. He said after the match, “It’s always nice to win, I don’t know if it proves a point. To be honest when you play you don’t think about any of that, for me it’s all about winning the game, focusing on the moment and the day.

“That’s all we wanted, a win: we weren’t paying any attention to any outside things. In the club we are all quite smart: we knew we had to win the game because by winning this game it just picks us up as players.

“It picks up the club and the fans, it gives us more belief that we can manage first of all to finish in the top four, and then hopefully to win the final. I think it’s more for the fans, I think they have been waiting a long time and they show up every away game, win or lose they always follow. It was a great atmosphere today as well so it’s great to do it for them.”

If Wenger’s side could perform similarly in the final, they would take home their first title in last nine years which makes their performance this season even more significant.

Off late, role of soccer Governing Bodies has changed from just being a watchdog to an adjudicator who intervenes on any matter that could harm the interest of any player, team, or institute. After just one day when UEFA held Chelsea’s penalty clause unforeseeable for loaned goalie Thibaut Courtois, governing watchdog has again warned the league side to refrain exercising any penalty as any some fining would be against the integrity of the game on European soil. Notably, goalie Thibaut Courtois has been sent on loan by the Blues to Spanish side Atletico Madrid with a clause that he can’t play against his parent club, but if circumstances ask him to play in violation of the contract terms, Atletico would have to pay hefty penalty to the English side. Since, Spanish giant would have to play against Chelsea in the semifinal of the Champions League, UEFA referred the matter to its adjudication committee who held that any such clause would intrude natural rights of justice hence this is unenforceable. Actually, the problem Jose Mourinho facing is the fact that Belgian footballer is in great form and if he stands against them, it would become even harder for them to deceive him on the goalpost.

Anyways, issuing another warning to the Stamford Bridge side, UEFA issued another statement mentioning, “In response to media reports referring to the situation of Club Atlético de Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, UEFA would like to reiterate its position. The integrity of sporting competition is a fundamental principle for UEFA. Both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations contain clear provisions which strictly forbid any club to exert, or attempt to exert, any influence whatsoever over the players that another club may field in a match.

“It follows that any provision in a private contract between clubs which might function in such a way as to influence who a club fields in a match is null, void and unenforceable so far as UEFA is concerned. Furthermore, any attempt to enforce such a provision would be a clear violation of both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations and would therefore be sanctioned accordingly.”

Looking at the whole case, it is very much unlikely that Chelsea would let it go easily, in fact, matter would heat up again after the semifinal should Courtois imparts. Moreover, the £5 million fine could also be abridged if both the teams agreed upon. Well, let us see how the exclusive violation is handled by the governing body!