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So, the fate of 10-month-old Manchester United manager has finally been decided by the club bosses who sacked him for miserable performance from the defending champions in this Premier League season. This is one of the most obvious decisions being taken by a club; in fact, many experts were calling for this sacking months before when United first broke its own record of losing a maximum number of consecutive home games. Factually, this is not a surprise for anyone coz Moyes could never be a team leader for once Alex’s team who ruled Old Trafford for 26 long years. More importantly, he was the choice of resigning manager himself hence he had to support him in between but could no longer convince the bosses about his skill and talent to lead a team like Manchester United. The much expected decision was announced after a long meeting with club’s vice chairman Ed Woodward. As far the substitute is concerned, player-coach Ryan Giggs would be in charge for the time being or until a suitable permanent placement is found. Though, there is no further news about more sackings, but close sources say that coaches Steve Round and Jimmy Lumsden are also asked to leave their jobs.

Curious media personnel have long been raising this question in front of club bosses, but no one of the Glazer family ever answered the speculations of sacking the Scott. Perhaps, United’s website also never refused or accepted the rising demand for sacking Moyes amid down to earth show throughout the season. However, club has now issued a short statement on Tuesdays where it crisply said, “would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role.” The 50-year-old Scottish football manager has had a reputation of being with a side for years fruitfully and that could be the reason Alex would have chosen him to replace him as he had served Everton for six long years with proven results.

English clubs are known for punishing any non performing manager or player immediately and for that reason, when United has been deteriorating its position day by day, everyone was raising a question why Glazers are giving him another chance when United’s status is on the sake. Not to mentioned, United is on the bank of sustaining its lowest ever ranking on the leaderboard with just few games are remaining. Anyways, Moyes would always remember the gratitude he enjoyed during his 49 games old regime at the Old Trafford, good luck to him!

While everyone is busy discussing Brazil world cup and English premier league along with La Liga, Italian domestic league Serie A is also in interesting stage. Two city rivals AC Milan and Inter Milan are fighting, as always, to defeat each other despite the fact that none of them is even close to win the Italian title. Yes, we are specifically talking about AC Milan and its star forward Mario Balotelli who has now surpassed his earlier record with fourteen Serie A goals for Milan, and more importantly, his performance in the match with Livorno made them win fifth consecutive win in the domestic front. Despite their brilliant show in the last few matches, they are still five good points behind of city rival Inter who is comfortable at fifth position with fifty six points to its name. Anyways, the hero of Saturday’s game was undoubtedly notorious Mario Balotelli who is known more for his outside conducts than whatever he does inside the field. Since, he has been missing the headlines for quite some time now; he decided to come back on the front pages with a bang! As far the Serie A leaderboard is concerned, Juventus look like a confirmed winner with its third consecutive title win, thanks to skipper Paul Pogba, the French International, who is in great form and showed some of the best footballing action in last few matches.

Balotelli, Adel Taarabt, and substitute Giampaolo Pazzini were the goal scorer at San Siro and each of them scored on regular intervals, in other words, Milan commanded the game throughout the ninety minutes while visiting Livorno struggled to offer any resistance to Clarence Seedorf’s army. Balotelli surpassed his earlier thirteen goals in a season record he made playing for Manchester City and was highly appreciated by Coach Clarence Seedorf who said, “He’s improving and maturing mentally and that permits him to do better on and off the pitch. I’m happy to have reached the record but I have to improve, because there are players that score 40 in a season.

“We’re growing and we’re getting to know each other better. Things don’t just happen out of nothing, they take time to create. We’ll continue with this intensity and approach. Next week, we’ve got a tough Roma side to play. They’re achieving incredible things this season. We’ll try and give our very best.”

Balotelli also praised his coach for supporting his team every time and added, “I didn’t know anything about that. The coach has given a big hand to the squad. … But this is still nothing. It’s just a great result. We’re playing to qualify for the Europa League.”

Sepp Blatter has unarguably been the only FIFA President in recent time who has suggested or implemented more ways to tackle corruption and racism than anyone else. After supporting various noble causes to enhance soccer’s reach around the world, this 78-year-old soccer brain has again reiterated his earlier suggestions that racism is the biggest threat to the most popular outdoor game, in fact, he is dedicated to eradicate this menace from this game at any cost. Reportedly, there have been many advices on how governing bodies should handle the cases of color discrimination, including banning spectators to enter into the ground or playing critical games inside empty stadium. But, Blatter never supported these ways as they can never be as effective as a serious sanction over the team could be. Like, he has suggested over several occasions that teams should be punished either via points’ deduction or in any other way so players or even fans could understand that any racial act would ultimately harm their team’s overall prospects of winning a match.

Racism is actually a broad word which includes many kinds of discriminating acts by the players or fans sitting inside the stadiums, in fact, on many occasions, media and TV commentators have also been accused of indulging in such discriminating solicitation. Everyone remember how FIFA ordered Ukraine vs Poland world cup qualifier to be played in empty stadium after crowd made money chants and Nazi salute. Blatter specifically advocated ‘drastic and severe’ sanctions against anyone who found guilty of making chants. What he said about his proposal is, “Sporting sanctions are the only effective punishment. It has to cause the clubs real hurt otherwise nothing will change. The troublemakers must be punished and it is clear to me that clubs are responsible for the hooligans.”

In ages old history of soccer, we have until seen punishments like ban along with monetary fines but none of them could ever be as effective as points deduction could be and that is why Blatter is asking all the regions to thoroughly support his concept before he retires, otherwise it would take years for anyone who joins FIFA’s top position as there would be many hurdles in gathering consensus for the same. If we look at the FIFA current rules that deal with racism, anyone who is caught doing the nasty act, is warned at first and then banned to play matches, however, in some cases, it is also written that team’s points can also be deducted along with expulsion from the competition.

Broadly, it looks like a good idea but at the same time a most difficult one to seek consent from every region; hence Blatter would have to use his experience to gather support for his noble cause.

War of power continues in Asian soccer between two prominent personalities in this part of the world. Yes, we are taking about Asia’s FIFA vice-president Prince Ali Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein and Asian Football Confederation chief Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa where Salman is trying to enhance his powers by merging the executive powers of AFC president to that of FIFA’s vice president, and if he could succeed in doing so, Hussein’ position would have no meaning practically. But, for something good, AFC President Salman can’t simply do it as he would have to take the support of at least three quarter AFC members while according to his last attempt; he could successfully convince eight members to back his merging idea. Actually, the matter revealed by a news agency last month that how AFC president is trying to shell off FIFA’s representative from Asian soccer and when he could not succeed in getting his innovative idea approved by the FIFA, he started gaining ground support. More importantly, Hussein has now written an open letter to all AFC members asking them not to support Salman idea as it would denounce FIFA role in policing matters in Asian fraternity which would be harmful for this region in a long run.

He prominently uses aggressive language without being abusive and showed his surprise as why a concept that had been sidelined by both FIFA and AFC is now getting back into the headlines. Salman, who is known for his mind games, has spent considerable time in last week’s AFC meetings in Kuala Lumpur just to convince as many members as he can. Hussein blatantly wrote in the latter, “I believe there is wisdom in maintaining the two positions separate. It allows the FIFA vice-president to focus on Asian football issues in FIFA while the AFC president focuses on addressing football challenges in Asia and strengthening football development which is a very big task.

“My work will continue regardless of the outcome of this proposal. I only urge member associations and football officials to think about our priorities in Asia and decide accordingly. Let us choose football over politics.”

He clearly tried to persuade each and every member emotionally and how it could be dangerous if politics occupy the federation. He asked everyone to stand against any such proposal in next executive meet in Brazil and added, “This proposal will be discussed and decided on at the AFC Congress in Brazil. While I respect these member associations, I stand strongly opposed to their position for the following reasons, which I have shared with my dear colleagues on both the FIFA and AFC Executive Committees respectively.”

English sides are always known to be the biggest payers across the world and that is why every soccer player desires to associate with the top English sides to make his fortune In fact, we have seen in the past how some of the biggest names in soccer openly lured to join a league side, and this central European marketplace is so big that millions of dollars change hands during every transfer window. The surprising facts revealed in just conducted survey by a consulting firm Sporting Intelligence in association with the ESPN and they come with the conclusion that soccer scores higher than any other sports on English soil in terms of money making opportunities. Generally, it is believed that Baseball is the highest paying sport, but this survey set aside these long standing concept and reported that on average first-team player of The Capital One Cup winner earns around $8.1 per year putting them ahead of New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers – the popular baseball sides. However, if we compare the gross payrolls of some of the biggest names in sports fraternity, Manchester City is the most rewarding side with an average payroll of 202 million dollars. This figure looks incredible especially looking at the slump in central Europe off late.

The surge in wages is unexpectedly 256 percent which is more than overall industrial growth in European market that makes City as one of the most aspiring sides for soccer geeks. The survey could serve both a positive and negative vibes for the league defenders as FFP violation are getting serious day by day and many experts are asking UEFA to take stiff action against all the sides who spend over the top just to attract top players irrespective of the fact if their balance sheets allow them to do so or not.

Apart from City, Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona are the next to pay exaggerated money to their players. However, surprisingly, the imaginary surge is being happened only for the gross wages as there is still just a marginal increase to the base wages, which means, last income that lands into players hand is still not a high as overall survey results show. The other expected names in the list are Bayern Munich, which stood at number seventh, and then Manchester United who is at number eight despite signing Robin van Persie in the last season.