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Chelsea has proved why they should remain on the top of league leaderboard this season with their brilliant Capital One Cup win against struggling Tottenham. The match was all the way one sided in the second half, however, first one was more in control of the Spurs who kept firing on the goalpost and once Dane Christian Eriksen’s free kick even rattled the Chelsea crossbar. It was the second half that saw league toppers proved why they are invincible this year. They never let their opponents take charge and keep firing the net at regular intervals. The Wembley was full of spectators who chanted for Chelsea throughout ninety minutes and Mourinho’s men did not let them down either. This became the first title win for the second term serving Portuguese manager who also targets the English premier league one this season. The first silverware of the season was powered by Captain John Terry and leading scorer Diego Costa who dashed all the hopes of White Hart Lane side. The highly energetic manager said after the game, “Finals are not to play but to win,” he was right and how!

Former Everton manager further added, “It is important to feel like a kid at 52 years old. It’s the first trophy this season and it’s massive. It meant an awful lot to us when we won it in Jose’s first year in 2005 as well. That could be the start of something very good. We have to kick on and we have got the league to focus on, but it’s a great day and a great win.

“You see the semi-finals we played against Liverpool, you see Tottenham going to Fiorentina and they played with players they didn’t use at Wembley. They saved players to win the Cup. In this country it’s much more difficult to win than in my first period.”

Fact wise, it is the first domestic trophy for Stamford Bridge side in five years and first for the Portuguese since 2012 and looking at the way they have been ruling the English topflight since beginning, no one has any doubt they can’t win English premier league as well. This win could mean few extensions as well for the North Londoners and first of them is of course for John Terry who expects few more years at the helm. Talking about how many more years he would like to serve the Blues he said, “I have my little target to play next year, but, beyond that, two or three years, I don’t know.”


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It is not uncommon to see a player, who has until been an eye candy for his aspirant sides, fails to impress once he signs a luring contract for a big side and 27-year-old Argentinean midfielder Ángel Di María is one such player who used to be on the radar of some of the biggies last season including few high net worth European sides, but somehow, Manchester United could manage to sign or rather snatch him from Real Madrid at 59.7 million pounds. But all the calculations about him went wrong when he could not match up his class on English soil. It is common for any player who makes such a big switch hence it is the captain who should stand behind him in this phase of career. Manchester United’s captain Wayne Rooney seems to be doing just that when he said “form is temporary, class is permanent,” about the former Real player. Actually, the lowest point of his career came when United had to replace him in the half time during 2-0 win over Sunderland and then many criticized Gaal for signing a White Elephant who can’t even job for him.

Rooney, however, is confident that Maria will prove his critics wrong very soon and amount they paid for him is well worth for his class. He said, “It was one of those days that every footballer has. He’s a great player. You don’t lose your talent overnight. Hopefully he’ll get back to his best and start giving some great performances. I think he will figure it out, we all have to do that sometimes. You have to come to it in your own way and I am sure he will be a big player for us between now and the end of the season.”

Talking about himself and his new midfield position, English captain added, “No, not at all. Everyone knows I’ve played midfield for the majority of the season but my record shows that I score goals so I’m not worried about that at all. I was obviously pleased that the manager played me up front and delighted to get the two goals. I respect his decision wherever he wants to play me. Hopefully I can kick on from here.”

Anyways, it is still a good news for the Red Devils as they are doing good in the field and close to the leaderboard toppers. No one knows if they replace even Chelsea at the top – you just wait and watch!

It is often seen in soccer these days that ahead of any big showdown teammates including managers talk about any of their previous associations with the side they are going to clash and sometime it is done intentionally as part of a calculated mind game and these kinds of off field practices are more common in England. Sunday’s Capital One final is obviously the biggest showdown of the season till date and both the participants, i.e., Chelsea and Tottenham are trying to win the game with or without a best play in the field. Accordingly, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has talked about the some seven years old offer from the White Hart Lane side that he turned down for his exit clause that did not allow him move to England. Don’t know why he is revealing this now when he is up to meet Tottenham in the Capital One Cup final this weekend or he has some plans which he has begun implementing! Recalling those days Portuguese said, “I couldn’t go. I couldn’t train in England for two years,” though he as well added he loves The Blues fans so much hence can’t think now to move out of Stamford Bridge.

Nonetheless, upcoming final has become an ego issue for the former Everton manager and he would do his best to win his first title on second term with Chelsea. What he said reacting over his earlier campaign remarks, is, “Good question. That I love it? Yes. I would not change my feelings about it.

“About my desire to work for this club? No change. Exactly the same. Maybe in two, three, four months, maybe I can change my feelings. In this moment I’m a bit disappointed, yes. The only way for my frustration to go away is to play matches and to finish matches with the best feeling. And to finish matches with the best feeling is not just because you win.

“I remember clearly when we lost our first game of the season, at Newcastle, and after the game I told the media this was the way I like to lose. Great referee, no controversial decisions, we played well and tried everything and were unlucky — this is the way I like to lose.

“So that the good feeling is not because you win — it is a consequence of what happened, what you smell and what you feel. The only way I can be really comfortable is when the 90 minutes give me everything I love in football.”

It is rarely seen in English soccer that any side is showing an importance for a player who has crossed thirty years of age. But 31-year-old Manchester City’s Ivory Cost international Yaya Toure is different in many ways. First, City is showing no sign of trying to get rid off him and second, the player has committed himself by saying through his agent that he wants to remain with league defenders for the rest of his life. Moreover, City manager Pellegrini has also welcomed the loyalty shown by the Toure and commended his statement. Notably, Toure’s future has been in dark after his recent statement that he could leave the Manchester and reason, as reported by media, was that player is not happy with the way team boss is treating him including ignoring his birthday. After knowing the latest commitment by the 31-year-old Pellegrini is way too happy and said, “That means that Yaya’s very happy here. He’s a player who has a lot of criticism this year, always thinking that he wants to go but what you are telling me is just the opposite. He’s very happy here, he’s an important player for us so we will see what will happen in the future.”

Like any experienced pro, 61-year-old Chilean as well added about his captain Vincent Kompany who faced lots of criticisms for the first goal in the defeat to Barcelona in the Championship League. He said, “Vincent is an experienced player with a strong character. He must receive the criticism that everyone receives when our team doesn’t have the performance that everyone hopes for. I think it’s not a problem for him, I am sure that he will have a strong reaction. He is a great player.”

At the time when everyone is talking about Kompany’s miss, how is it possible he does no talk about former Liverpool starlet Luis Suarez who scored both the goals against them. He said, “Of course, Liverpool miss him. For any team to lose Luis Suarez is important. Maybe the performance of Luis Suarez in the last year was incredible and you always need a player with that. But the big teams have a lot of other players in the squad.”

Overall, City manager tries to answer all the burning issues surrounding the league giants and if he has any surprise for the fans in upcoming games. Anyways, fans always expect their side to come back in the league irrespective of what they did in UEFA tourney and we also want them to remain a giant on English soil – at least!

Last Champions League showdown between Barcelona and Manchester City has still been in the news even after three days of it, and reason is simple, media geeks look for everything out of nothing. After countless debates about what went wrong for the league giants, it is the time now to target Suarez – the player who netted both the goals for Spanish giant. According to few reports published in local media in Spain, serial bitter tried biting City’s defender Martin Demichelis as well. Though, no one saw him doing anything like this, but for his bad name with teeth, few media houses may be trying to gain popularity for non-sense reasons. English media also picked the issue quickly and made it a national issue by highlighting his past record how he bit on three occasions in his career and faced similar bans. The 28-year-old Uruguayan international decided to answer all these negative reporting himself and categorically blamed English media saying, “(They are” making a mountain out of a molehill.”

Actually, a footage shows City defender was trying to push out an arm to fend off the forward while former Liverpool star moved his mouth over him singling he was trying to bite. Though, it was a natural movement in the eye of any layman, but media tried to link it with his past biting episodes. Although, another footage taken from another angle nulled the claims, yet the news gained headlines in no time across England. Suarez answered about the latest claim in his radio interview where he said, “He put his hand on my throat. I do not understand why they want to do this. They want to make trouble, a mountain out of a molehill.

“They must be hurt after what I did to them in the World Cup, but they forget that I played in England and they should show me some respect.”

Nonetheless, Demichelis himself has already praised the Uruguayan star for his brilliant form on Spanish soil. He said ignoring his reported biting attempt, “Luis has already proved throughout his career what type of player he is and the quality he has.

“Football is like that. Several days prior to the game, all the emphasis is placed on Messi and Neymar but the one who ends up scoring two goals is Luis Suarez. Barcelona have great players, and any of them can make a difference.”