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Louis van Gaal finally took over as the new Manchester United boss here at Old Trafford amid lots of expectations. He replaced former manager Moyes who had to be fired all of a sudden after he failed to defend their league title. Bosses had since been in search for a suitable replacement for the most desiring job and ultimately found their man in 62-year-old Dutch football manager who had been a strict but proving mentor in his long running soccer career. Knowingly, managing a team anywhere in the world and dong the same in England are two completely things; and Gaal understands this and he is prepared to face criticisms for his actions he has planned to initiate on his English job. Actually, Manchester United has always been a top performer in both English and European circuits that is why when this high profile side failed to finish among the top four in the English Premier league, club think-tank had to act promptly to maintain fans confidence.

Experts are counting on some of the biggest challenges new manager is going to face on English soil and one of them would surely be winning the confidence of players United want to bring into the side – area where former manager failed miserably. If we recall some of the public statements made by the Dutch manager after signing the English job, he looks optimistic none on his target players would refuse his offer, though money has never been a problem with The Red Devils it is the mentor and his negotiation skills that used to affect the fate of new deals. Many believe, Gaal has lots of potentials to improve the side show both in and out of the field including strategically refining players’ public speeches and following a strict disciplinary behavior throughout the season.

Since, United is not going to impart in the European league this year, Gaal can concentrate on English season completely which is actually a good news for the new manager. Apart from his strategic approach, Gaal would have to work hard to upraise the confidence level of the team – especially after they finished last season residing on the seventh place. Former United skipper Bryan Robson has full confidence on the new entrant into the managerial shoe, he said, “You could see Netherlands were very well organised in the World Cup and there was discipline. Hopefully, he can bring that to Manchester. I think he will.

“A lot of the players let themselves down and didn’t perform the way they had under Sir Alex. They will be up for the challenge and will be excited by the new coach.”

It was the day of soccer ruling the streets right form Berlin to the Brandenburg Gate here in Germany after national team returned from Brazil with a much desired gift: The Word Cup. Whole team showcased their latest triumph and got applauds from hundreds of thousands of citizens waiting for them for hours on Tuesday. Germans world cup final victory against Argentina, especially the last moments, provoked every soccer fan to come across the street and welcome their star players winning a proud for them. The crowd started gathering around the airport where team had to be landed in the morning and then streets of Berlin were jam packed with more than three hundred thousand fans cheering their team for a memorable show in Brazil. Since, the route was decided earlier and was known to everyone, more and more fans tried to have a glimpse to national glory with their naked eye, in fact, many of them were seen crying watching their skipper holding the cup in an open-top bus.

The excitement was so mounting that even a local court had to adjourn its hearing so the whole courtroom could watch their heroes passing by them. Some players were accompanied by their families who were in the VIP stands especially Miroslav Klose’s twin sons who scored a maximum number of goals in the world cup. Notably, Germany crushed Brazil in the semifinal with a record margin thanks to their firing forward line that almost won the match in first thirty minutes itself when they fired five goals back to back and not to forget their group stage performance where they defeated Portugal by 4-0 as well, in short, they enjoyed a maximum goal difference than any other team participated in the Brazilian tourney.

This is not the end of soccer honeymoon in Germany as there would be many honor parties scheduled in favor of teammates along with tons of rewards waiting for their takers who had been a part of record breaking national team. Amid celebrations, reporters somehow found the way to ask questions about some players who are reportedly going to make a shift very soon, including Kroos who has apparently being in talks with Spanish giant Real Madrid and Rummenigge unofficially replied to raining media queries at the airport, he said, “There are talks between Bayern and Real. We don’t want to lose the player on a free next season.”

The joy of victory is unparalleled and if it is a world cup victory you can’t imagine how it feels to be in a side who just triumphed the world’s biggest soccer honor in front of millions of fans watching the moment live. Germans latest feat would surely be in our memory for a long time especially for Brazilians who tasted the worst defeat in their centuries old history. If we leave apart the journey until the finals, Germans had been rather dominating in every match but it was the final that showed them why Argentinians were not the easy ones to overcome. Their so called firing forward line could not find a hole in solid Argentinian defensive line-up until the last moment of extra time when Gotze’s chest down shot win the FIFA title for his team. Coach Joachim Low is obviously the man to be held responsible for years long training to face the toughest playing conditions in South American country where reactor scale is so high at this time of the year. Perhaps, German players looked to be the fittest players in whole tournament and many experts even admired their physical training for not losing the stamina even in the extra time.

Low called it a great pleasure to have someone like Jurgen Klinsmann as the mentor of your national team particularly after easy dismissal from 2004 Euro cup. It took years of hard work to revive the German side from one of the worst ousted from the Euro championship. Calling current triumph as the result of decade old groundwork, former midfielder said, “We started this project 10 years ago and this is the result of many years of work, beginning with Jurgen Klinsmann.

“Over these years, we made constant progress, but champions will do what they have to do. If there is anybody who deserves it, it is this team. We have always played good football. The team has developed an unbelievable team spirit and they have the willpower to carry this out.

“We are very proud of winning a World Cup in Rio, in Brazil, in the home of football. With all these emotions and the pressure that has accumulated on us, it’s difficult to realize what is happening, but this joy and happiness will remain forever.

“This team gave everything they had. I told them before the match that they will have to give more than they ever had before.”

Obviously, next domestic season across the world would be more interesting for the world cup performers specially those who played for German side. Let’s celebrate the memorable performance by the Die Nationalmannschaft on foreign soil!

Germans proved their dominance over world soccer by beating Argentina by 1-0 in a close finish. The final was full of exciting ups and downs, in fact, until the extra time, score was leveled and match was heading towards the penalty shootout but then sub Mario Gotze’s amazing chest down shot to Andre Schurrle’s pass gave die Mannschaft their fourth FIFA title. Though, Argentina was impressive throughout the game but just one bad shot debarred them from their world cup glory. Even captain Messi could not help his team sustain initial lead; however, more credit goes to solid defensive line of Los Gauchos who did not let firing German strikers to even come close to their goal post. Remember, how devastatingly they crushed Brazilian defense in the semifinal! Actually, it was like missing a confirmed title for the La Albiceleste coz they got many good opportunities to score the goal – more than Germans- but they could not capitalize on any of them otherwise match could have ended in its normal time. More than one hundred thousand spectators were in the ground including tens of thousands Argentineans who especially travelled in last few days to South American state to watch their national team triumphs their long awaiting world title.

For many, it was the classic recall of 1990 world cup final when Germans took the revenge of their 1986 world cup loss to Diego Maradona powered Argentinian side. This year was significantly different than two previous meetings among the two toughest sides in the world and one of them was obviously Messi and team spirit Germans had showed throughout the tournaments. Though, there were no big names in this European side, but they all showed a fine tuning among them and reached into the final and then won it.

“It’s incredible. The team did it beautifully. At some point we’ll stop celebrating but we’ll still wake up with a smile,” said German goalie who was rewarded best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Similarly, on the other side, Argentinean players take it as a lost chance for them in the final, midfielder Javier Mascherano said, “This was our chance, and we felt that way. We couldn’t do it. We have to lift our head and suffer the pain. Obviously, the pain is tremendous. We wanted the cup for Argentina.”

Meanwhile, Klose role would be remembered for a long time for his form and performance he shown in semis especially his two shots against the hosts. His long running world cup journey ended when he was replaced by Gotze in the 88th minute.

As we are heading towards the end of Brazilian world cup, FIFA has announced the list of ten players who could win the player of the tournament aka Golden Ball award for the 2014 world cup. The list is obviously headed by four German players along with Argentina who has three players representing their country. Mats Hummels, one of the Germans in the list, has netted two goals: against Portugal and France while Kroos, another one, is now a household name in Brazil for his hammering performance in the semifinal with Brazil. Other notable Germans in the list are last world cup’s Golden Boot award winner Thomas Muller who had a hat trick in the match with Portugal this time and skipper Philipp Lahm who has been a finest think tank for the Germans in this FIFA event. For Argentina, Angel Di Maria and Messi both are in good form to win Player of the Tournament award. Other players who could make it into the final ten are Neymar, Arjen Robben, and James Rodriguez for their distinctive shows in the Brazilian event.

Over the years, this award has gained lots of appreciation for its strict selection process of nominations and then the winner, though, the procedure is straightforward without any confusing voting and all that: FIFA’s Technical Study Group does the thorough research on each and every player playing in the world cup and then compiles the list of ten players who have been impressive in the whole event. Winner will be chosen after the world cup final on Sunday.

It would be premature to predict who will be the Player of the Tournament but there are two players who are the front runners for this prestigious title and they are German Toni Kroos and Argentinean Messi, though Barca striker have had a bad Spanish season last year.

Meanwhile, FIFA has finalized Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli to mentor the final game on Sunday ruling out rumors that an Asian referee could be called upon to mentor the final match between Germany and Argentina. Jim Boyce, chairman of the FIFA’s refereeing committee, assured Rizzoli is the best candidate for the job hence governing body chose him over other names considering the importance of the game. Though, Rizzoli’s name for the Sunday’s game is almost final but FIFA has not announced it officially, i.e., the news is confirmed only by FIFA’s head of refereeing Massimo Busacca. Italian referee has been a part of three matches in Brazil world cup so far and two of them involved Argentina.