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Chelsea has undoubtedly been enjoying its most amazing run this English season; in fact, they never dripped on the board right from the day one. This feat has until been enjoyed only by Manchester United back in 1993-94 when they sustained their peak leaderboard position for 262 consecutive days and looking at the way Blues are static on the top, Mourinho looks affirmed to break that feat too. If we analyze the last few months of English topflight, North Londoners have ever been convincing to win the season comfortably and second term serving manager is as well confident to copy his first run at the helm. Talking about the possible achievement for the Portuguese, former Real Madrid boss said, “I don’t know if it hurts them or not, what I know is it’s not normal to be top of the league since day one. A team who arrives in August and is top of the league every day until April — that is the team that deserves the credit.

“We have had a good run since day one so nobody should be disappointed because we have been on a good run since August. Now we need 11 more points.”

Adding about the most competitive game they had to pass through in recent days, 52-year-old unhesitant recalls their last QPR win that made them do lots of hard work to score a maiden goal. Replying if they were fortunate to triumph that game, he added, “Were we fortunate? Yes. It was a typical game for 0-0. We controlled them very well and kept them far from the box because in the box Zamora and Austin are killers. They closed us down very well, they were very well-organised defensively and gave us a difficult match.

“I am obviously very happy with my team because we kept good emotional control, we never lost balance or were under pressure. We were always very stable and then we scored in the crucial moment of the game — I feel sorry for them because they fought hard to get a point.”

“He helped us win the match,” Mourinho added about Courtois. “I thought Courtois did very well, he was there for us. I told him at the start of the week after Hull and after Charlie Adam, we need him to give us a couple of points with a couple of saves and he did it.”

Manchester United could be among the highest spenders this English season, yet newly appointed manager Louis van Gaal seems to be hungrier than ever as he recently said to have been ready to parallel other English sides when it comes to spend heavily over aspiring players. Everyone knows that United is the among the few teams found guilty of violating FFPs continuously over the last three years and if Gaal is making another ambition to spend severely, experts are skeptical if UEFA’s financial control measures have any practical impact or not. Anyways, Dutch mentor is planning to copy his former Manchester great Sir Alex Ferguson to hire his aspiring players this summer and he said this ahead of transfer window which is round the corner now. He also shown his confidence that ManU can win next league title after their improved show in the current season where they made an impressive jump from seventh to among top four on the board. If we look how much this former Real Madrid manager spent in the last summer, it was around £152 million that he threw away to hire six players of his choice. Initially, it was criticized but later when United performed remarkably; no body raised a finger over his money spending.

Talking about his future plans and how his relations are with the teammates, 63-year-old said in a news conference, “I believe in managers and teams who believe in each other and who are making a team out of it. That is what we call a process and when it’s good and every year you improve your selection.

“So I also want to improve my selection for the next season. Then we can make a bigger step than only the process. It helps you in the process to be number one at the end.”

Adding about Manchester City and Chelsea whose current manager Mourinho used to be his assistant at Barcelona, Gaal said, “Manchester City has done that also.We are trying to do that now. Sir Alex Ferguson has done it before. Jose Mourinho is doing it now — but then last season he doesn’t win anything, Mr. Mourinho. Now he is winning the title. Now I try to do that also.

“The last goal he makes it as a midfielder. I have to use Wayne Rooney for the team and every individual player I have to use him when it makes the team stronger. At this moment I think it’s more in a striker’s position but in the second half against Aston Villa I was already after a quarter very convinced I have to change our lineup so it’s dependable on a lot of factors.”

Jose Mourinho

Every top official at every soccer club tries to pretend himself as the most important one, in fact, there are positions who have always been in the spotlight for their sole decision making power at the top and manager is of course one of them. Former Manchester United’s great manager Sir Alex Ferguson always said that a manager should be considered the most important at the helm and as well added that same top mentor should also be held responsible for all failures at the club. But, Chelsea’s manager Jose Mourinho seems to be following a completely different path as he recently said fans are the most important – not manager. He did not clarify his sense and only generally called his position as the next to supporters who always carry club’s legacy over the top. However, Portuguese admitted his position lets him in the spotlight for most of the time while it should be the fans following that North Londoners enjoy throughout the world which should be credited for each and every success. Obviously, whatever he said today is more than important for everyone since he is the one who took Blues to the top of league table and everyone is calling them the undisputed winner of current English topflight, hence no one is willing to object what he said in the recent interview.

Talking about the most influential part of every soccer club, second term serving manager said, “The manager is not the most important person in the club, of course not. I keep saying: the most important person in the club is first the supporters, secondly the owner, third the players, and then I come.

“It’s the manager that everyone looks at. The players are watching you, analysing you — they want to see your reaction, they want to see your stability. The people that work in the club are also watching you, and they follow in a negative or positive way. Even the supporters are watching you.

“They want to feel that after that big defeat you are ready for the next day, that after the big victory you are not in the moon but have your feet in the earth. And I think I am good in controlling these situations, and good in trying to keep people balanced for the negative and for the positive. At home I am not good, because they know me too well. I can’t hide. They get me.”

Every day is a learning day for every team and its players and it proves every other day in contemporary soccer, especially when two heavyweights are in front of each other. Last Clasico was one such game that saw two mega giants clashing with other and expectedly or unexpectedly Barcelona overcame its arch rivals in a nail biting finish and sports media all over the world flooded with pros and cons of Real Madrid. The defeat could have easily forgotten had it come against anyone else but if such a triumph helped Barca sustain a comfortable four points edge in domestic front, it could mean a lot for defending champions who were amazing in the last season.

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti seems not in a hurry to draw any conclusion with just one lost, in fact, he is thoroughly confident that Real can still defend its European title along with sustaining a respectable position in La Liga. Calling the last Clasico defeat as the hardest to forget, 55-year-old Italian said, “The defeat was hard, but the sensations were good because they returned to play as we wanted and as we know. That will help us win more in the future. As I always say, the first objective is to reach the Champions League final and the second is overcome the opposition in the final.

“This Real Madrid has all the conditions to compete at all levels in all competitions, so the goal is to win.”

Moreover, he also talked about the remaining ten games of The Primera División and if it can witness a turnaround and added, “We are convinced that it’s by no means decided yet, but we have no margin for error; we have to win all games possible. The team is revved-up, fresh and raring to go. If we compare them to last year, we are going into this moment in better shape. Only Pepe has a slight problem, which will be sorted very soon. We have a lot of games in April; it’s normal to think that we need the whole squad. I’ll try to rotate the team; all the players will be used. We are not making calculations based on the points that Barcelona might drop. Our objective is to win the next ten games – we’ve done it before, it’s not a utopia. I think we can do so again; I believe in this team, in this squad. I see a fully charged group ready to give their all in all the games.”

Whenever Messi is out of the field, media keep digging everything about the reason why he is not playing either for his club or national side and that is why when he did not impart in last two international friendlies in the U.S. fans kept guessing if he is seriously injured or not. However, both Barca coach and national mentor Gerardo Martino had then said they will not overuse him and now reports are coming that 27-year-old could back in the field this Sunday when Camp Nous side meet Celta Vigo. Few media sources also reported off late that Argentinean forward is having a serious right foot injury that not even allowing him to tie his laces though there is no confirmation from club about the severity of his problem. Had it been any other player no one had any issue regarding his fitness but if a player of his caliber either misses the field or plays a game despite being injured, it is taken as a cheating to millions of fans. Anyways, putting more salt to fans wound, media also reported that Blaugrana No. 10 played was not fully fit during the 2-1 Clasico. Since, Barca won that game, no one is raising that issue however if Real had won it, it would have been the biggest news of the week.

Talking about his recovering from foot injury, Messi himself affirms, he will be back in the team this weekend, he said, “Back in Barcelona. The Tour in US was sweet and sour for me. We got 2 wins with a great job from everyone, but I couldn’t play because of my swollen foot. It still hurts a bit, but I hope to recover soon so I can help the National team and FC Barcelona.”

Moreover, club also issued similar statement over its site that reads as, “FC Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique finally had all his troops back in training for the first time since before the recent international exodus. With the reincorporation of Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Pedro Rodriguez and Andres Iniesta, the Barca skipper now has all hands on deck.

“Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano, who jogged and stretched alone during Thursday’s session, also worked out with the group on Friday morning. Munir El Haddadi was the only Barca B player out on Camp Tito Vilanova at the Ciutat Esportiva. Thomas Vermaelen continued to do part of his workout with the group. Jordi Alba is still recovering from injury.”