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Arsenal is possibly the only side to face a maximum number of absentees for injuries this season and for that reason manager Arsene Wenger would bring more options at the center. Following his earlier promise, Frenchman signed Basel’s 23-year-old midfielder Mohamed Elneny to fill the space created by Francis Coquelin. There has recently been growing criticism of the Emirate side for not having enough stamina in the field and fans were eagerly waiting when they can see their side dominating the field even during extended hours. Although, Gunners are having a great English spell this year with a comfortable ranking on the board, yet their upcoming FA Cup game against Burnley on Saturday is largely being seen as their test since Turf Moor side is also having a brilliant lineup of star players hence Wenger would like to show best of his talent who can serve the team on needy hours.

If we talk specifically about Mohamed Elneny, this Egyptian footballer has been impressive off late which was the sole reason 66-year-old Frenchman decided to bring him at the helm. However, refusing to have been over relying on the new entrant, Wenger explained his stand over his final eleven and if they are strong enough to face any opponent, he said, “He’s (Mohamed Elneny) not a monster. So he’s not a powerhouse, he’s more a mobility player. That’s why I think he can suit our game.

“Winning the ball is not only down to power. It’s to switch on at the right moment, it’s a technique. You have players who are muscular and they lost fights against small players who are very slim because the small players they switch it on at the right moment. When do you switch your muscle on? It’s when the guy is in a weak position. It’s a real technique. I think he (Elneny) was surprised by the intensity of the game (against Stoke and Chelsea), and by the challenges. At the start the players are surprised by the fact that the referee lets it go. In England you will often hear the referee say ‘Get on with it, get on with it.’ In the other countries you get a whistle.”

Calling a win at this time extremely necessary to keep team’s moral high especially after weekend loss to Chelsea, he added, “First of all we lost last Sunday, and it’s important not to drop our confidence level. And secondly, we want to do well in the FA Cup. We don’t win with kids anymore, unfortunately, even against championship teams.”

If reports are to be believed, Atletico Madrid’s on loan player Fernando Torres has having offers from almost eight clubs including the one which could make him the highest earner of the game. This is being flashed by the few media houses after Atletico failed to clear doubts over the future of 31-year-old Spanish whose loan contract is going to expire this summer and if they are willing to keep him, they would have to inform AC Milan by the end of winter transfer window. Although Atletico president Enrique Cerezo recently clarified they will made the final decision soon over the future of their in-form forward but initial talks have also been underway between representatives of Torres and other sides willing to hire him on better terms. This is also noteworthy that Spanish side is having been through transfer ban slapped by the FIFA which restricts them registering new players by next season hence if they desire AC Milan player they would have to make an arrangement to seal a deal with Italian side which is effective from the next year.

Cerezo said talking about Torres future, “The olive is the tree for peace and we have peace in our club, inside as well as outside. The coaches are working on the topic of Fernando Torres and they will be the ones who will decide his future in the coming days. We are taking that day by day, match by match. As you can imagine, I can’t think of anything more than what is generated based upon performance. This is performance-based. Our job, yours, that of the football players, is clear and we base it always upon performance when looking at the future for everyone.”

The only thing that could hurdle his stay with the side is his age which is growing day by day and it is a general practice to part ways with any player who has crossed a thirty and that is the reason Madrid side is asking more time to decide over his stay in Spain. Torres’ representatives Bahia Internacional also said via an official statement, “Fernando and Simeone should sit down and talk about it. The fans of Madrid don’t want Torres to be told no continually. He has an offer that would make him the best-paid in the world. There are nuances. It all depends upon the will of the club. The feeling I get is this is something that must be resolved, not between Gil Marin or Andrea Berta, but rather between Simeone and Torres, who are friends.”

There have ever been differences among top leadership of any side and this dissension often relates to signing new players as both the sides try to prove they have the final decision making powers when it comes to bring new players. Liverpool is one such side who has taken several immature decisions regarding releasing and hiring players last season hence whenever we have a discussion regarding whom they are aspiring, we are forced to recall what happened with transfers like of Suarez. Anyways, now when we have a new member sitting on the top chair, it is obvious he would encounter the resistance from Transfer Committee whenever he tries to initiate any transfer, but this time we have a change as new German boss has strong hold over the decision making power in that respect – maybe he is having this power guaranteed by his contract! He had to speak about it after few media houses recently reported that Reds transfer committee could oppose Klopp’s decision to keep young striker Jerome Sinclair with them.

Earlier, it was supposed to be a group decision making but after several mistakes done with former practice, it is believed that Klopp is empowered to have a final say over all the transfer activities Anfield side takes place. The 48-year-old clearly said, ‘Yes,’ when asked if he is having the absolute authority to sign or release any player. Alongside, he also added, “If I would say, for example, we would take Zlatan Ibrahimovic for, I don’t know what his price is at the moment, but he is 35, no? He might even be out of contract, I don’t know! But if you want him you have to pay £100 million, for example. I think I should have asked before signing him! But that’s absolutely no problem.

“I said on the first day when I came here it’s like I used to work. Sometimes my staff or myself have an idea about a player we know or we heard about and then we will collect some information together. Then there are players our scouts bring in and say we have seen this player, we have heard about him, we have watched him for a long time.

“But in the end it’s like I said at the first meeting and the first press conference: If I don’t want the player to come here, he will not come. And if the player I want doesn’t fit our budget then he will not come too. That’s absolutely normal.”


Although this Premier League season has not been so rocking for few sides but this is also a fact that we are having some good games in the second half of the year. Last Chelsea vs. Everton game was one such game that showcased best of soccer. Though, result went in no one’s favor with a 3-3 final score on the card, but it was Everton who grossly dominated the game with two early goals that once felt them the sure shot winner. But, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas’ quick goals shredded off that lead and then Ramiro Funes Mori gave another edge to the visitors which could also not be the winner for them as Captain John Terry’s controversial net equalized the final score. Some say his goal was outside while in the eyes of referee, it was the correct one hence no appeal was entertained but post-match video footages proved there was not everything right with that shot.

Anyways, now, it is a history and Blues earned half points out of it while Goodison Park side is preparing an official complaint about its validity that cost them an important game. If we talk about Terry himself and if he was sure his shot was authorized, he said in a TV interview, “I’m not sure to be honest, I don’t really care as it was my first this season. It’s an important one as we’re still undefeated since the manager has come in.

“To keep that little momentum, ideally we needed three points, we’re not happy where we are in the league, we need to start winning games but every game’s tough and every opposition seems to be stepping up their game.”

Moreover, apart from this minor glitch, 35-year-old looked quite relieved to see his side fighting back after having been trailing by good two goals which could be a morale booster for them considering their show in the current season. He added, “(Situation was) difficult especially after going 2-0 down. A lot of teams would have thrown the towel in, but the fight and the desire from the squad unbelievable to come back, and unlucky no to win the game I think.

“Both teams were sussing each other out a little bit, it opened up slightly with more goals and chances, but it was a tireless effort from the boys. I think all we can do at the moment is give everything and I think the fans appreciate that even at 2-0 down, everyone on their feet singing and applauding the players.”

Arsene Wenger

Soccer is the game of entertainment where two teams demonstrate high on sportsmanship, but sometime, especially today, the core meaning of this wonderful game has changed, in fact, now it is more a ego battle than a game of sports and reason for this is not the growing competition but allied factors that provoke every dissatisfaction to take the aggressive shape. It has recently been a concern and we have seen how minor in-field conflicts transformed into bigger security concerns. Until recently, media and intolerance among the young players were supposed to be the reason behind these rising violence but now we have another opinion from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger who thinks it is social media which is fueling the disgruntlement among players and fans which is the biggest threat football associations across Europe are facing at the moment. He said this ahead of their Sunday premier league game with Stoke City and recalled last season incident when own fans booed the Gunners after their shoddy display in the 3-2 loss at Britannia Stadium.

Now, when both the sides will be in front of each other, Wenger, despite having been in much comfortable position on board, believes upcoming game would not be a replica of last one and they will earn full points of it. Talking about the growing intolerance in the game, 66-year-old Frenchman said, “It might be one of the problems that football has to face in the coming years. You see it in many countries now, more and more. Maybe with the social networks, everybody is allowed opinions and can strengthen that opinion with other people who have the same opinion.

“Before your opinion was a bit more isolated. Today straight away it becomes a stream of people who think the same way and they become a force. Maybe that’s the reason, I don’t know.”

Adding about the differences he observes in EPL to that of his home league, he said, “That is not easy to experience. Here we complain because anyone can win the league, but it’s much more interesting, because fans keep hope as well. In clubs like Lyon and Marseille who are used to fighting for the championship, it’s difficult to experience that suddenly that there’s no hope. I was sad (for fans’ frustrations) and upset more by the result than the individual reactions of people, who I can understand. When you love the club you want the results to be positive. You want as well not to be isolated too much. You want contact with people who love the club.”