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Soccer has ever been one of the most lucrative games for all its percipients including players, officials, and associations who are entrusted by the governing body to encourage and prepare a team of quality players into their regions. Hence, it is also believed that FIFA, being the global mentor of game, would take care of its member associations by various monetary prizes including – of course – bonus. The hard spoken FIFA president Sepp Blatter during the end of his current spell recently announced a bonus of $250,000 per member association in tune with 2015 Financial Assistance Programme (FAP). Governing body has informed all the eligible associations to submit the prescribed forms in due course by the deadline day. They as well issued a circular stating that all the forms would be made available to them by December 19 and then FIFA can know the exact money requirement for distributing announced bonus. Moreover, above mentioned amount is just the basic figure each and every association is eligible to receive, as far supplementary contribution is concerned, FIFA has also announced an addition in last June for development of football at national level.

The circular provided by the governing body stated, “For reasons of ease of administration and consistency. the form to apply for the FAP in 2015 – $250,000 per member association – will be adjusted and take into account the additional bonus granted to all FIFA member associations in connection with the final financial results of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil…

“The amount of this additional bonus will be decided on 19 December 2014 by the FIFA Executive Committee. The necessary documents and instructions on how to apply for FAP payments in 2015 and for the additional bonus will be sent to you immediately following this decision.”

While everyone is praising Blatter commendable job, there are many others who are accusing him to offer indirect bribe to favor a support in upcoming presidential elections where he has announced to be contestant. Looking at Blatter relations with UEFA president Platini, whole governing seems to be has been divided into two parts: one side supports Swiss administrator to serve his fifth term on top post, there is a good number of executive members who favor a change at the top hence want European president to join them at the top. The fate of current bonus announcement would be cleared by upcoming May when next FIFA president would be elected.

Soccer is perhaps the only game where any player’s absence from the game, even for a single one, is being interpreted with several different means even if it is just a regular ousted from the team. Especially in English soccer where whenever a player is asked to sit outside, media starts thinking or linking him with other clubs and exaggeratedly highlights it as he himself is looking for a switch. Chelsea, the stunning leader this season, is one such side who is facing these kinds of reports for its goalie Petr Cech who could not play for the Blues off late and after arrival of Thibaut Courtois as number one choice to secure the goal post, rumors started that Czech international could be looking for a second home. According to some reports, clubs like Real Madrid, AC Milan, Arsenal, and Paris Saint-Germain are interested in hiring him if North Londoners decide to relieve him. But, rubbishing all the reports, Chelsea’s manager Jose Mourinho has called all those media portals as the ‘Mickey Mouse’ websites who say they are going to let him go anywhere. Mourinho called his 32-year-old goalie as the integral part for the squad hence no one should assume anything about his future on the basis of few absences from the field.

He talked about this issue in great detail in the press conference ahead of their clash with West Bromwich Albion and said, “Are you telling me that or asking me that? On which Mickey Mouse website? On which Mickey Mouse blog?

“At this moment, news is coming instantly. News born every day, every minute, every second. Some news are not even signed. Some website, some blocks, we don’t even know where we get the news. I promise you I tell you the truth. On my desk, normally from my board’s desk the information arrives, I have zero. Zero proposals.

“I believe in what is happening at this moment. At this moment, Petr Cech is our goalkeeper and has a contract for two more years. He’s a fantastic professional and puts the team’s interests first. Not once has Petr Cech knocked on my door to inform me of his desire to accept some proposal. This is my truth. Nothing more I can say.”

Although, Cech missed most of the club games this season, but for national side, he is still the number choice on the goal post and played all Czech Republic’s Euro 2016 qualifiers, so there is no question of his losing form or growing age.

Ever since Qatar world cup controversy hit the headlines, trust in FIFA’s top management decisions has touched a new low and to win this lost confidence back, many executive members have long been asking to release all the materialistic facts about the controversial bidding in public, but for some reasons, neither FIFA nor Qatar has yet put anything in public domain. Recently, when ethics committee judge Hans-Joachim Eckert cleared both Qatar as well Russia for any irregularity it only got a silent support from its own members and like expected most of the members kept discussing about the wrongdoings in private. To make thing public, Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has now written every executive committee member for their support for an urgent action over both upcoming world cups in 2018 and 2022, especially about how they could win the hosting rights. Despite severe pressure from every corner, Eckert refused to public the full report about the findings of a secrete investigation conducted by the governing body.

Refusing to accept what ethics committee judge has to say about the report, Dyke says he has rather compelling evidence for wrong doings in the bidding process that allowed both Qatar and Russia win the world cup rights despite having completely opposite infrastructure as well climate conditions. What Dyke said in his letter is, “As you probably know the reputation of FIFA was already low in England and much of Europe before the events of last week. The failure to publish Mr Garcia’s report, and his statement that the summary report which was published contained ‘numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations,’ has resulted in a further decline in public confidence of FIFA. We cannot go on like this.

“Complete transparency is required if the actions of all those who bid, including England 2018, are to be judged fairly. I know some of you believe that FIFA’s reputation in England is the result of an obsession amongst the English media with FIFA and I know Mr Blatter sees their reports as an unfair attack on the organisation he leads.

“However, in England we see it differently. The reports… do provide compelling evidence of wrongdoing. They cannot be simply dismissed as ‘racist’ or ‘an attack on FIFA’ as Mr Blatter described them at the FIFA Congress in Brazil. Urgent action is needed if confidence in FIFA is to be rebuilt in England. The FA is of the view that this action should start with the full publication of Mr Garcia’s report.”

Rumors have their own place in the game of soccer ever since this game became popular and even today whenever any player is detected with any other team’s agent, media guys assumingly think he is going for a switch anytime soon. This source of information is especially on the peak after a world cup where every good performer is habitually believed to have been fed up with his current side hence looking for a new home. The 22-year-old Arsenal forward Joel Campbell, who has been impressive in Brazil last June, is one such player who is being highlighted by several media sources as interested in a switch, and like always, Costa Rican has denied of having any truth in these reports and clearly said he is happy at Emirates Stadium despite being sent on loan for three consecutive years. However, after his good show in Brazil, he is confident Arsene Wenger would take him seriously and offer a permanent space in the A-team. According to some reports, Inter Milan and Juventus are interested in the forward but he has denied it off with a video response.

On the other side, no reaction has come from club bosses whether they are interested in calling him back or not and according to some sports PR guys, it could be a self-made publicity campaign to place himself in line with serious contenders to secure a place in the final eleven. What Campbell said in his video response is, “What they have been saying is not true — I’m very calm. I have not been furious. Obviously, yes, I would like to be playing, but that’s something that has to be earned day by day. I have to keep training and waiting for the opportunity. I know it’s a very competitive team.

“Arsenal is one of the best teams in the world, where there are many important players. I have to be patient, keep training and I know my chance will arrive and I’ll have to take advantage of it when it comes. (I learned a lot. He is a coach who has many years in football and with Arsenal. I am learning from him and from my peers every day in training. I’m doing my best to be a better player every day.”

It is still unsure whether he put that response under any pressure or it was his own decision to issue a denial, in any case, fans are happy to see his loyalty towards the Gunners!

There have been several incidents where clubs release their star players for money or otherwise and later find it difficult to refill their space. Liverpool is one team who recently relieved their two star players: one was Luis Suarez who got a mega switch to Spanish side Barcelona while second one was Daniel Sturridge who was also indispensable for the Reds. But anyways, Anfield side did not think twice before sending them off and paying the price now. They are nowhere among the top in English Premier League and in European circuit as well they are struggling to enter into the second stage. The 26-year-old attacking midfielder Lallana is among the first few who openly say they are missing Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge in this season. This is not a new thing these days where a colleague or any former associate shows a grief over release of former great from a side and this is also a coincident that such media releases only happen when side in question is not performing well like Liverpool.

Anyways, what Lallana said about his former associates is, “Joining a team like Liverpool is definitely an adaption phase,” he said. “I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. After losing Luis Suarez and missing Daniel Sturridge up top lately, it’s been difficult. But we’ve had to find different ways of winning games; other people have had to chip in with goals.

“It was great for Mario Balotelli to get a goal against Swansea in the League Cup and now we are through to the quarters. We know we’ve not been playing to our maximum but we are still in transition. We feel that if we keep working hard, a really good performance is around the corner.

“My big aim for Liverpool this season is to settle in as well as I can to the group and contribute as much as possible to getting into the top four again. And hopefully win a bit of silverware.”

Adding about how honored he is joining the Reds he said, “I got the opportunity to come to Liverpool, and it was something I couldn’t turn down, really. It was a chance to play Champions League football at a huge, historic club. For instance, playing against Real Madrid was really a great experience.

“To be on the same pitch as Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric and Karim Benzema … it was great. But it was disappointing. I thought we started well, especially in the first leg, but they showed their quality and why they are holders of the competition.”