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Your confidence starts roaring when you are winning matches in the field and this is something that seems to be happening with Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal who has until been asking for two more seasons to win the league title but now after having been at number one on the leaderboard, Dutchman looks completely a transformed man and why not after all his hard work is paying off to the whole team after a dismissible start of the year. ManU’s last win against Wolfsburg ensured no one can take them easily and even Manchester City, who is fast catching them at the top, will have to use all their weapons to derail their victory march. Talking about the last game and who has been good in the field, Dutchman praised 27-year-old midfielder Juan Mata who netted one goal in the game and said Spaniard has lots of potential to deliver constantly for the Red Devils, maybe he is asking him to better concentrate on his game and improve his passing the ball skill where he seemed to be failing sometimes. The game opened their points tally in the Champions league table thanks to Mata whose contribution cannot be ignored despite few mistakes.

Replying over Gaal’s perception about the 27-year-old and if he can name him among the bests in Europe, former Real Madrid boss said, “I have seen Mata playing better than today. So I can say as a manager he played very well and that I agree with you, but I don’t agree with you. I think he played a very good match, especially defensively. And the way he scored the goal was outstanding, especially for a defender and especially for him because he was not doing that so much. Now he has the confidence to do that. I am very pleased with his performance.”

Like every intelligent mentor of the game, Gaal used every tick of the game to not demoralize Mata confidence while pointing his limitations and if we talk about other teammates, most of them are in good form now after last few games and the way they are moving forward in the English top light, we expect to have exciting finish of premier league season. Adding about other players performance in the game, Dutchman said, “It was very difficult because they scored so early. Then we did very well, we created a lot of chances. We don’t finish it and it was a lucky penalty I think.

“Of course it is a penalty but there are some refs not whistling for that. We have created many more chances — Rooney and Depay could have scored and you finish the game.”

There seems to be no end of disasters for league defenders Chelsea this year that is why they are failing again and again not only in English premier league but on European front as well. Their recent faceoff with Porto proved to be another game exposing their strength in front of the world when so called world class defensive line of José Mourinho could not resist the power shots of the Portuguese club. Blues lost the game by 2-1 but what is more disturbing is the level of confidence whole Chelsea squad bared in the game, They were roaming in the ground as if they have accepted the can’t win the game especially defenders who were nowhere near to their last year form and this is itching the second term serving boss even more who still sees an opportunity to come back in both English and UEFA top flights. Although Mourinho is having a rich experience of Champions league, perhaps he has led the Porto team to the 2004 UEFA title before joining the English side yet he somehow looks fading in carrying on his trait of converting every player into a superstar as Stamford Bridge side is nowhere a threat now for anyone side.

Without prejudicing own players, Portuguese lambasted his team and their confidence in the last game, he pointed their focus that was visibly shacking during the game. He said in a post-match interview, “We watch dozens and dozens of repetitions of Porto taking corners. We were completely ready for that and in a moment when the game is under control we concede a goal that is ridiculous.

“They hit the post from a similar mistake. Apart from that the game was balanced. Two ridiculous moments and we were punished.”

He somehow also raised question of referee decision making in the game and said, “The most basic thing in football is a defensive set-play. We had chances after that to get a positive result and we had a clear penalty (on Diego Costa appeal) — so for me I am not here to criticise the players. I am not going to point the finger but two mistakes cost us the game. The team played well against a difficult opponent. The Champions League brings a different atmosphere.”

“No punishment. Just a decision, option. When the team is not playing and winning matches on a regular basis, it’s normal that you have to make changes. When you play a disaster it’s easier to make drastic decisions. When you play like today and you don’t get a result, it’s more difficult. The result doesn’t mean that you played bad. The big mistakes we made twice doesn’t mean that the team defended badly.”

The magic of Van Gaal and his new signee Anthony Martial seem to be yielding results when Manchester United feels the pleasure of being at number one on the league leaderboard for the first time in last two seasons. This is an achievement not only for Dutch mentor who was brought after a dismissal domestic and European campaigns but as well whole team who looks to be more focused towards their target this year. Although, season did not start in the way it was expected and Red Devils had to lose few initial games putting them as down as seventh position on the board but Anthony Martial along with others ensured ManU will be among the top this season, in fact, 19-year-old French forward is the only one who has scored in every premier league game he played except the last one when others ensured an definite 3-0 victory over Sunderland. This win decorated Old Trafford side on the top of the leaderboard ahead of their arch rival Man City by one point and defender Chelsea by a good eight points.

Everyone is giving credit of this success to the whole team especially manager Van Gaal who did not afraid of doing experiments with his innovative field spread that includes some vital changes in the traditional field placement of players containing that of Rooney and new players like Martial whose entry into the side proved top be fruitful. It was Gaal who attempted and signed 19-year-old at £36 million and faced severe criticism for the amount he shelled out for the youngster. Anyways, no one has any complaint for anything as they are well placed atop and Captain Wayne Rooney specifically praised Martial calling him one of the brightest talents ManU could ever have and said he will prove to be the mega starlet for the former Alex side, he said, “He’s been incredible. He’s a 19-year-old lad who doesn’t speak English and has moved over from France with a young family, so we have to understand that.

“He’ll be a big player for us throughout the season and in the future, but we need to let him enjoy his football, and I’m sure he’ll bring magic moments for us.” Manager Van Gaal also added, “ I have to say he is doing great. He has the talent for it. When you are 19 years old, you cannot expect any consistency. Mostly, they shall have a lot of dips. That’s not a big problem.

“He has talent at a high level and has adapted to the system. He shows that he wants to do that. As a striker, the most important thing is to score goals. He can improve, I think. He has a high level of talent and he shows it under great pressure, and that may be his greatest talent.”

Whenever we are in between a season, rumors start prevailing in the air about two players, players and manager and Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and club captain John Terry are the two who reportedly have some kind of rift between them. Although, none of the two is willing to talk about the issue, yet on field vibes of both of them hint something else is cooking in the dressing room. Actually, whenever a side underperforms there happens to be a misunderstanding among key position holders who always blame each other to not follow the advices and hold other responsible for all the debacles and this is exactly what seems to be happening with The Blues who are having the worst start of the league season this year. John Terry, who has been the integral part of Stamford Bridge side last year when they won the league title, is also not able to copy his previous show and for that reason Portuguese boss may be unhappy with him and possibly his place in the team is also suspected for upcoming Arsenal game on Saturday. Even in last few games, Terry was substituted for different reasons hinting he may not be having his best form this year.

While Mourinho is denying having any rift with the team captain, he as well confesses to do anything that benefits team as a whole without weighing any single player. Talking about the 34-year-old and why he is missing the field quite often this year, 52-year-old said, “Last season he played every minute but two seasons ago he didn’t and three seasons ago even less. So what’s the problem? He’s a player of my total confidence. I trust him as always and he’s one of my men. Because he’s on the bench one game or because I take him off at half-time, nothing changes.

“For John the situation with me hasn’t changed since 2004. It is exactly the same. I play the player I think is the best for that game, for that moment and John has known that since 2004. I don’t care what you say, media, pundits. I don’t think about the consequences.”

Actually, Mourinho understands what it could mean to the moral of the team if something like a rift among the two top officials of the side comes in public hence he is issuing every statement carefully to not fuel the rumor further.

It always gives pleasure to players knowing that their manager is backing them to understand the reason behind any mistake they unintentionally did in the field and last Barcelona vs Roma champions league game was one such game that ended in a 1-1 draw despite the fact that Spanish giant were dominating throughout the game and it was Alessandro Florenzi’s long strike and little bit mistake done by the Barca goalie to defend the shot that helped Italian side to equalize the lead and manage to conclude the game as draw. The only goal from Barcelona was fired by Luis Suarez at Stadio Olimpico but Florenzi shot shred off the lead. Generally, this kind of mistake from a goalie is taken as the big one but Barcelona coach Luis Enrique is not following the tradition, perhaps, he accepts his own mistake for the equalizer and defended his goalie for his hard work throughout the game. This could be his brilliant attempt to keep players moral high knowing they will not be fired after every tiny mistake, while on the other hand, fans are not happy looking a definite win is so converting into a draw.

Talking about the opponents and what went wrong for the European defenders, Asturian coach said after the game, “(Florenzi) is a good player, but he has been very lucky. He took a chance and scored a goal. Well-done to him — but this is a problem we will have given the type of defence we play with. The goal is my fault — we tell our keepers to play like that. But I’d bet nobody will score another one against us.

“When you reach these competitions, the physical level is important, and when the opponent closes up at the back it is difficult to make chances. That is a problem we have when teams sit back, that they can surprise us, but despite that I think our game was pretty clear — and we deserved to win.”

Roma was not a new side for Enrique as he has been in charge over there for one season back in 2011-12, so it would be a mistake to say everything that happened was a surprise for the Spanish side, in fact, they were well prepared for them but one mistake transformed a sure shot win into a draw losing one and half points to the Camp Nou side.