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Real Madrid

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti is having sleepless nights these days after few media reports suggest bosses at the helm are preparing to fire him. But, 55-year-old Italian is trying to pretend as he is not worrying with any decision club bosses take about him and only suggests he would like to serve the side for his full term and prove why he was brought in at Santiago Bernabéu. There were few names suggested in few Spanish sports daily who could fill his space in the next season that includes former Manchester United temporary manager and current Napoli boss Rafael Benitez. This is despite the fact that Ancelotti helped Spanish giant win both Champions League and Copa del Rey titles in his first spell for Spanish side. The coming Saturday, when Real will host Getafe in its last season game, Ancelotti future will be decided. Talking about his future with Championship league defenders, 55-year-old said, “We have not spoken yet. I’ve not spoken with club, or them with me. I am still thinking as Real Madrid coach, until the club tell me any different. After the game, or on Sunday or Monday, we will meet and talk about the future. My feeling is that I will stay, I would like to continue, am motivated to do so as I like this club, these players.”

Refusing to leave the side with some bitter memories, Ancelotti agrees to coordinate with the formalities if he is asked to leave the job and added, “It is a moment when the club will make a decision, an important decision. I have a good relationship with the club, and will still have it if they decide on a new coach. It is not such a big thing for me. I am happy to continue if that happens, I would like that, but if not I’m happy with my two years here.

“If not I will take my path, and the club their path. But I will always remember two fantastic years — including maybe the happiest moment in Madrid’s history. So I would not think about being sad, but happy at giving everything I could. After that, these are things that can happen in football.”

He as well talked about Rafael Benitez who is assumingly going to take his place at the helm and said, “If there is talk of other coaches, I am not annoyed, that is normal. There is always lots of talks, lots of names, every year. I am surprised that anybody is surprised by this. Everyone has their opinion, thinks they can coach. Some people think my work is good, others that I could have done better. That is what’s great about this world.”

If you could finish among the top four, it is generally accepted as the good season in England and it holds even truer if you are among those who were nowhere when season started and Arsenal is one of those sides who were not supposed to obstacle big giants anyway but they not only surprised their critics but as well made heavyweights like Manchester United sit on their backyard by overtaking them on the board. Gunners boss Arsene Wenger seems to be the happy man after a stressful season and now he can bet for a better contention in the next year. If we rely over his recent promises, they will head in the summer transfer market with some calculated notes in hand and buy only those players who can help them sustain a ranking right from the beginning next year. They are three points clear to Red Devils and made them qualify for the Champions League next year but bigger news is that they can puff out their chest with the fact that this is the same side who faced severe criticisms from every corner when they began the season residing on the bottom of the table.

Talking about the season passed by and chances of retaining their FA cup, Wenger said in an interview, “You are never satisfied when you don’t win, but back in October we would have signed for where we are now. They defended well and we tried and tried, but we couldn’t score. In the end, they had some chances on the break and maybe they were a bit unlucky. Maybe we lacked a bit of freshness, but this result shows how important it was to get the points against United last Sunday.

“We want more and it is frustrating because we wanted to score goals and we like to go forward. We want to finish with a win at home on Sunday and give the end of season to our fans that they deserve. We have some time to prepare and recover now and I’m sure we will do that.”

Adding about Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott and their form in the last Sunderland win, 65-year-old Frenchman added, “Jack did very well. He has some very good movement, some very good accelerations and the same with Theo. He looked sharp in this game and that is good news.”

No matter how impressive you have in any domestic season, whenever a transfer window comes, it is obvious that you would have to release and hire players according to your plans and Manchester United, despite having a good season, is not an exception. Manager Louis van Gaal is himself not sure if he can convince every teammate to be with him and even this is not possible for anyone leading a club like ManU. Dutchman himself called upcoming transfer window as the rough one for few players who could move out of Old Trafford this summer and this list includes Robin van Persie and Jonny Evans who have long been linked with such a move. Taking it as a natural call of contemporary football, Gaal does not even want to weigh these rumors hence is only focusing over his first Championship league next year. Notably, his performance has been impressive by the fact that he not only took Reds Devils on the European turf back but as well brought a never experienced field spread on English soil.

Talking about possible changes in A team post summer, 63-year-old said, “It shall be a rough summer for a lot of players, but I think a top club like Manchester United has to do that. I think our selection is unbalanced. We have managed to be fourth in the league, but we have to manage to be the champions.”

“I don’t think you have to keep the whole selection, because when you purchase other players, you get another stimulus in the group also, and that you need. That is why we have to take care of the balance of the selection, but also to improve our selection, because we want to be champions.”

“I can promise I can do my utmost best, that we shall fight to the end and more we cannot do. And that we make the right decisions when you purchase players and when players are leaving the club. It is a natural process and that the fans are not forgetting that.”

Replying if it was his charisma that motivated players to deliver hundred percent or it was something else, former Real Madrid boss added, “I have to say first of all I am impressed by the attitude and motivation of the players because I have always seen a fighting spirit. Maybe in the game against Everton it was a little bit less, but normally we were always fighting to the end.

“Also in training sessions they were there always. So I have to give a lot of credit to the players because it was not an easy season.”

It always itches to the core if you face an unexpected defeat especially after you start dreaming for a better position in a league table assuming you would win the game convincingly and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems to be feeling just like that after their shocking 1-0 loss to Swansea City at home. Although, they played very well and almost looked in dominating position throughout the game, but it was Bafetimbi Gomis’ 85th-minute header that cost them important three points. However, those, who watched the whole game live, know how many chances Wenger men missed in-between offering more opportunities to the visitors than what they deserved. Wenger is not worried with the loss but he is now skeptical about Arsenal second position on the board. Had Emirate side won the game they could be more comfortable on the board but after this loss, ManU can easily overtake them if they could not win their next game against The Red Devils.

Criticizing the style of play Liberty Stadium side followed in the game, Frenchman just questioned about their intentions for the game and said they never looked like playing for a win, perhaps they were more forward for a draw and it is purely their luck that they eventually won it. He said, “We were unlucky I think against a team who refused to play completely and just defended. We’ve scored plenty of goals until recently. In the last two home games we didn’t score and that was frustrating when you have so much of the ball and play with such accuracy around the box.

“They defended well. They came just to defend with four defenders and six midfielders, and they defended. That’s it. If you win, you’re fantastic but if you lose people say to you, ‘Why did you not play?’ They won so they are fantastic.”

Talking about the performers of the game, he pointed Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, and Aaron Ramsey as the players who could have scored one goal each if capitalized over the chances. He added talking about his desperation to be among top three, “We rushed our finishing. Sometimes we were maybe too eager to finish alone rather than passing the ball. Sometimes we had to force the situation and in the end you have to give them credit — they defended well. It’s very important to finish in the top three. We still have a game in hand. What is crucial is to respond on Sunday and show that it was an accident today. That is the most important thing.”


Whenever you are not up to the mark, or maybe losing your touch, it is obvious you would get lots of advices from one or many of your old legendries who want you to perform at par with your standards. Arsenal is one such side who has been in the news off late not for their ranking among the top four in the leaderboard but for the opportunity they missed to even challenge the league toppers Chelsea. Their last clash with the Blues was rather a cold one without any fireworks and this is what is itching Gunners fans as well who had expected them to show more power at home. Former Arsenal great and all rime highest goal scorer for the club Thierry Henry is the first big name who came forward and openly advices the Emirates side to look for at least four quality players if they are really seriously about their title hopes in upcoming league season. He also pointed over the last home game where few players highly disappointed especially Mesut Ozil who should have done more affords to help his side sustain a decisive lead. A ten points trail at this stage can never be refilled, yet 37-year-old wants his eye candy to do magic in upcoming season with a comprehensive hunt in the summer transfer window for the fresh and promising talent.

Henry has been a known name among fans with his contribution in two league titles during his eight years long spell playing for the English giants. What he said talking about future of his former club, is, “Arsenal need to buy four players, they need that spine. They need a goalkeeper, they still need a centre-back, they still need a holding midfielder and, I’m afraid, they need a top, top-quality striker in order to win this league again.

“The best example for me today was Chelsea. They struggled last year and they were still competing to win the league. They now have Courtois, Matic, Cesc and Diego Costa. For me that speaks volumes, and we saw it today. A team didn’t and a team did, and Chelsea are about to win the league. He has to (bring more players). If you take the goalkeepers, for example, at Bayern Munch, Chelsea, Manchester United and a lot of other teams. You need that type of player, you need that competitiveness within the group and you need great players. In order to win the league that has to happen.”